Dear Hometown, These Are The 10 Things I Miss About You

Dear Hometown, These Are The 10 Things I Miss About You

I took you for granted.


I don't dislike you as much as I said I did. While I can't say that I miss every person you hold hostage, there are certain voids that Thurston Hall cannot fill.

I grew up in a tiny county, in an even tinier town in southern Connecticut. It's known for its summers on Long Island Sound, beautiful foliage, perpetual snow days, and gardens along the perimeters of modern colonials that are at least 7,000 square feet.

The HBO TV show, "American Housewife" is based off of this area, if that helps.

My graduating class was just over 200 kids, which I've known since kindergarten. This is a recipe for an undeniable, privileged bubble that I could not wait to escape.

Don't get me wrong, though. I am extremely blessed to have had the upbringing that I did. My parents did an excellent job of raising me with a strong set of morals that have put me many steps ahead, especially in my freshman year of college.

Thus, here is a list of things that I miss about my limiting, yet complicated hometown.

1. Feeling like fall

    Izzy Angeli

Fall has always been my favorite season. The foliage in Connecticut is like no other— my favorite place to go is Las Vetas Lounge in downtown Fairfield. Even aside from the scenic route, the mulled apple cider is to die for.

2. Being able to cook

    Izzy Angeli

If there's one thing Thurston Hall is known for, it is not their communal kitchen. Some of my most distinct flashbulb memories are my mom teaching me to cook and bake. I miss being able to grill vegetables outside and then coming inside to see my dad reclined on the couch before dinner was even ready.

3. My family

    Izzy Angeli

I've always enjoyed being an only child. Although, I never really considered myself one because my family has always had pets. More than anything, I wish I could relieve my stress by cuddling with my cats.

4. My theatre company

    Izzy Angeli

COMPANY, the local high school's theatre company, is truly a family. Not seeing their faces every day at rehearsal is beyond foreign. No one has ever been able to make me laugh so hard

5. Organika

Izzy Angeli

This is the best vegan restaurant in Fairfield. My go-to is the Kalifornia burger, which has the most fulfilling sweet potato and black bean patty (although, the "dragon bowl" is what's pictured). My best friends and I would come here once a week after school to vent and satisfy our cravings in a healthy way.

6. Being close to NYC

Izzy Angeli

Manhattan is just 50 miles from home, and the train ride is only about an hour long. I've spent countless hours in "the city" with my best friends, wasting money that we didn't have in the first place, and trying new restaurants.

7. Driving

Izzy Angeli

As tedious as Merritt Parkway traffic can be, there's a certain freedom that comes along with being able to drive. My best friends and I had the song "Body" by luxury blasting whenever we rolled down the windows

8. Living by the beach

Izzy Angeli

While Long Island Sound doesn't have the clearest water, I have so many memories there. The coveted hook up spot, to my first breakup, to those existential nights I spent with friends talking and digging our feet into the cold sand until the early morning hours

9. Peter's Market

Bill Bittar,

If you're trying to avoid someone, this is not the place to go. Being the only store in my town (that's literally what it's labeled as on Google Maps), you are bound to find locals here getting their overpriced groceries. I'll never forget coming here every day before rehearsal and getting the infamous dirty bird sandwich.

10. My best friends

Izzy Angeli

Izzy Angeli

These are four of the most beautiful girls I've ever met— inside and out. I remember how lucky I am every day to be surrounded by constant support, and it's comforting to know that I'll always have people on my side.

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17 Ideas To Do On Your 22nd Birthday

When you're feeling 22, but need ideas of what to do.

"It seems like one of those nights. This place is too crowded, too many cool kids uh uh, uh uh. It seems like one of those nights. We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming instead of sleeping...Yeah. We're happy free confused and lonely in the best way. It's miserable and magical oh yeah. Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks, it's time uh oh

o you don't know what to do for your 22nd birthday? You think, hey, I just turned 21 last year and got shwasted because I could finally 'legally' drink alcohol. So 22, isn't that big so what do I do to celebrate my 22nd birthday? Well for one, every birthday should be important to you because it's your day, a day that's all about you and it's the day that you were given life. You should celebrate every year because it's another year that you have lived, right? Why can't your 22nd be a bang, why couldn't your 22nd be bigger and better than maybe your 21st, 18th, or 16th? Here are some ideas that you could do on your 22nd if you're having a brain fart.

1. Get your friends together and go to a nice dinner

Food can never go wrong on your birthday.

2. Go to the movies

Go see the latest movie out, grab some popcorn and soda and have a friend tag along.

3. Dave and Busters

Arcade games for adults?! Enough said.

4. Go on a weekend trip somewhere

You have been dying to go somewhere for awhile, why can't your birthday be the perfect time to go on a getaway?

5. Take the day off from work/school

It's your BIRTHday, no need to work or go to school, it's your day to celebrate you and you don't need to work your butt off on that day.

6. Happy Hour with friends/family

Appetizers and beers, what else could you want?

7. Go to a brewery

Grab some brews with a couple of friends, be social on your day!

8. Bar/club scene

If you are into going down to the strip to go to a club or a bar to get wild, just do it on your birthday!

9. Have a beach party (if your birthday is in the summer)

Waves, sand, beach games, sounds like a blast to me!

10. Go go-karting

Who says you can't be a kid?

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12. Winery

13. Go hiking

Why not see beautiful scenery on your special day?

14. Go to breakfast or brunch

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15. Do a spa day

Need relaxation and a little getaway, a spa day is perfect.

16. Get a hotel

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17. Break out into your song of the day,

"I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22. Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you. You don't know about me, but I bet you want to. Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we're 22 uh uh ah ah ah 22 uh uh uh" by the one and only TayTay Swift

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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An Ode To Recess: How We Knew It Vs. What It Is Today

Kids are trading in their cootie catchers for smartphones. What is the world coming to?


For millennials, recess was a time for running around outside, playing made-up games and organizing foursquare competitions. It was a time to take a break from all the listening, learning and hand-raising and just be kids for 30 minutes.

Whether we were doing flips on the jungle gym, playing an intense game of Red Rover or dominating on the kickball field, we were getting our sweat on and having fun with our classmates.

Today, the story isn't so similar.

Recess has changed.

Unfortunately, '90s kids had a recess experience that was totally different from what today's children know. Here are three ways recess has changed from the half hour of games, cootie catchers, relationship drama and jumping rope we all remember.

1. Kids are spending more recess time on their phones

As you could imagine, the use of smartphones and other electronics is an issue many schools struggle with. Some schools allow students to use their phones during recess or lunch as a way to prevent them from doing so during their classes. Other schools completely ban phones for the entire school day.

For the institutions that allow students to use their phones during recess, it can be difficult for shy students to come out of their shells. They may decide to sit in the corner on their phones instead of asking to jump into a game of tag or basketball.

A worse result would be that no one takes the time to play and exercise at all and instead chooses to get updated on the social media posts they missed that day.

2. Recess time is getting shorter and shorter

Recess is getting shorter, too — 40% of school districts in the country have reduced their recess time, and nearly 7% have eliminated it. That's right — some students never get a chance to take a break during the day, aside from lunch.

This could be for several reasons, including budget cuts, punishment for poor behavior or the misled belief that it's a waste of time.

Having a shorter recess — or no recess at all — could be an explanation for the increase in childhood obesity in the U.S., as well. The most recent data shows the rate of childhood obesity in the nation is around 18.5%, with 14 percent of kids already being considered obese before they get to kindergarten.

Could we combat this issue by allowing students 30 minutes a day to run around and play like we did in the '90s?

3. Bullying may be getting worse

Bullying certainly isn't anything new, but we are seeing it begin at younger ages than we have in past decades. Part of this is because children are constantly exposed to TV and other forms of media that portray bullying.

Even if the media displays it as something kids shouldn't do, in a way that's exposing them to it just as much as watching a how-to video.

In general, kids deal with three types of bullying: verbal, physical and social. With the growing prevalence of cyberbullying, that could be added to the list, too.

Many of today's students face bullying from several additional angles — both on the playground and at home — unlike millennial kids.

Can we bring recess back?

Many of you may be wondering how we can bring back the true recess we all know and love, so our own kids can experience the joy of winning tetherball after a competition.

This may be easier said than done. So much has changed since then, and children are simply interested in different things.

However, if we can stress to our kids the importance of play and exercise before they get to school, we can hope they carry those lessons with them and use their free time during the day wisely — not by scrolling on their phones or being bullies of any kind.

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