What It Feels Like To Be Home From College After Graduating
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What It Feels Like To Be Home From College After Graduating

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What It Feels Like To Be Home From College After Graduating
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You are finally free from all school obligations, especially if you graduated with a Bachelor's (exclude that if you're going straight to work or grad school). It doesn't seem too real that you are now home from college and with nothing else to do.

You probably still have your plastic boxes filled with your dorm essentials and with some clothes. Of course, you might leave your winter clothes in there and take out the pieces that you need.

For that person who is comparing themself to the person next to them whom they graduated with, please stop it. Some people may be going to grad school, work, or taking a year off, maybe.

You wake up in the mornings happy to actually be alive and be able to experience that rush of not having anything to do.

However, if you are still an undergraduate student, you may have a summer job you need to tend to. But still, every day you want to do something productive, because, let's be real: we feel that, if we do not do something every day, it feels like we are wasting our time and our summer in general.

Days get warmer, drinks get colder, events start happening in your community. BBQs, here I come.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach or a beach town, you can expect to be making a couple of short trips there with your best friends. All without the worry of having to do anything that involves school.

You're happy to visit the places you longed for while you were away at school and happy to see the people that you missed from home. Time to catch up with your friends over some food or drinks.

You will also be desperately looking for jobs, internships, grad school opportunities, with the bad luck of being denied from jobs. Trust me, as a recent graduate, this is true. Unless you've got luck on your side.

If you did not take your car with you to school, now you will want to drive everywhere, like when you were recently granted your license when you were back in high school. Now you want to drive to the beach, to your friends' house, and have that be your excuse.

But no matter what you do, you'll be happy to be home for the summer.

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