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The Life I Want To Lead Is An Uncomfortable One

When you truly care about something, it is hard to remain silent.

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Most of us have been told more than once in our life to "keep your mouth shut". "Go with the flow. Don't rock the boat. Mind your own business. Keep your head down. Stay off the radar."

There are a million reasons why it is more advantageous to stay out of the limelight. Most of the time, people will leave you alone if you are quiet and keep the peace. People typically do not mess with those of us that do not speak up about issues that make others uncomfortable.

Here's the tough part: When you know deep in your heart that the truth must be shared, some of us begin to feel deep regret if we remain silent. The other thing about the truth: it is the proverbial pancake that has two sides. Some even say that there are three sides to the truth. Yours, theirs, and then the actual truth.

One of my favorite quotes is Dr. Phil's Life Law #6" "There is no reality, only perception."

Think about that for a minute. When we look at events or issues that cause enough concern that those who normally remain silent and unbothered finally break their silence, it is often because our perception reached a breaking point. This does not mean that my truth or opinion is correct, it simply means that I care enough (or too much at times) about an issue I can no longer speak up. Speaking up, sharing a difference of opinion, and demanding attention is very risky and the label of "troublemaker" and "pot stirrer" will begin to follow you around. I am not a person that enjoys public speaking, and on more than one occasion, I have bailed when I was needed the most.

It is an uncomfortable feeling when you begin to feel the pull of the true calling to be told. This is where I have found myself lately. I am standing on the fine line of keeping myself silent about some difficult truths and figuring out a way to draw attention to issues that have been hidden and ignored for years.

Speaking up for those that can not do so for themselves is my tipping point. Each one of us has a personal tipping point and just as we are all different, yet equal; the same is true for a life-changing time when we can no longer keep out mouths shut. The realization that something feels wrong, or someone is being treated unfairly can push the biggest introverts to speak up and demand change.

I have spent most of my life wobbling back and forth on my personal fine line while I weigh the risk to reward ratio with many things in life. I am not only stepping over this line now, but I am also running over it like a lame version of a Viking warrior who can't find north, even with a compass.

There are so many injustices that take place in the world on a daily basis. Terrible events happen that leave devastating effects on millions of lives. I can tell you about some of these life-changing stories like the 2004 Tsunami that is now referred to as the most devastating event we have ever seen. More than 250,000 people were killed in a single day in following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake causing a wave of destruction traveling 300 miles per hour. 18 countries were affected and over 1.7 million people found themselves homeless.

Tsunami - Caught On Camera - P4youtu.be

"Go with the flow. Don't rock the boat. Mind your own business. Keep your head down. Stay off the radar."

I can tell you about stories like this, but I realize that as much as I think I can change the world, I can't stop tsunami's from happening.

I can also tell you about other injustices that are happening right now if you are willing to listen. There is a worldwide epidemic of people that don't want to listen and I think I know why. As soon as you learn the truth (whatever version resonates with you) it then becomes a choice.

You can choose to do nothing or decide to speak up and help those that can not help themselves. Once you take the leap and become open minded to the injustice done to others, it is incredibly difficult to remain passive. If it is important enough to you, the truth will begin to find you.

I know, this sounds silly and all "touchy-feely" but I have seen and felt the power of the universe showing me what I need to know. In Buddhism, the term "enlightenment" is used to describe an awakening. Similar to opening a door, allowing the truth to find you is a process. Open your mind and listen to what the universe wants you to know. It may be a small request at first, like a neighbor in need of help.

Imagine for a second" instead of driving by the house with an overgrown yard that "brings the value of the entire neighborhood down" you stop and talk to the woman struggling to get the lawnmower started. Again. I guarantee you she has a different perception that will not only change her story but yours as well. She may have breast cancer and feels like crap because of the chemotherapy treatments. She may be trying to keep her family sane and in one piece while her husband is deployed to a hell hole war zone. Again.

The overgrown bushes may be the last thing on a long list of "to do's" for her. You may be able to help her the next time she is struggling with getting the mower started. You may even be able to pay it forward and treat her to a month of yard service from the kid down the street while he is out of school for the summer.

Trust me, even slowing down and rolling down a window to wave at a neighbor and ask how things are can turn someone's day from crappy into "not so bad".

Challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. You may feel some kind of weird uncomfortable, awkward "thing" when you begin to stick out our neck out or others. That is completely normal and a good sign. It is this discomfort that is a signal from the universe telling you, you are on the right track.

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