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10 Ways To Help Save The Planet, Before It's Too Late

Sustainability is the newest trend! Tell your friends!


In light of the most recent UN publication that came out a few days ago, you might be worried about the fate of our planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that global temperatures are on the rise; and if we don't do anything about it in 12 years or less, the result will be catastrophic. Yikes.

Here's a handy list of things you can do to join the collective effort to stop climate change!

1. Eat less meat

Yes. I know. This is a tough one. But according to a new study published in Nature, reducing your meat consumption can decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 52%. If you can't take on full vegetarianism, try eliminating meat from one of your meals every day or consider having "meatless" days. It makes all the difference!

2. Get a re-usable water bottle

Single-use plastics are so 2000 and late! Ditching plastic water bottles is an easy and effective way to reduce your plastic waste and not contribute to the plastic problem.

3. Carpool more

Try using the bus or train more often. Less cars on the road means less gas emissions in the air! Plus, if Regina George does it, it's automatically cool.

4. Stop using plastic bags

A good alternative is a cute canvas tote or one of those foldable bags that can fit in your pocket! Let's end the plastic problem.

5. Bike more!

This dog gets it! Not only is riding a bike beneficial to your health, but it also means getting around with no carbon emissions. Ride away!

6. Buy local produce

The locavore movement is so in style! Buying locally-grown fruits and veggies eliminates gas emissions that would normally come from trucks transporting produce over long distances. Also, local produce is fresher; and therefore, more delicious!

7. Go thrift shopping instead of fast-fashion shopping

Buying clothing at second-hand stores reduces the amount of clothes being produced. Less clothing being produced means less pollution! Get ready to pop some tags!

8. Waste less food

Food waste is a huge contributor to the planet's carbon emissions. As food decomposes in landfills, methane gas is released into the atmosphere. Try to reduce the amount of food thrown out by storing food properly or only buying the food you know you will eat. This way, you'll help your wallet while also helping the environment!

9. Bring re-usable utensils everywhere

Seriously, let's stop adding plastic to our planet. Bring these bad boys everywhere you go just in case you need utensils. You can make your own portable pouch or buy a set!

10. Spread the word!

I always hear people say "one person can't reverse climate change!" Unfortunately, this is true. A single person cannot save the world; but they can influence their friends to be more sustainable. And those friends can tell their friends. And so, that one person that can't save the planet alone can still have an enormous impact. That single person will start a wave of sustainability. Mic drop.

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