To my great uncle who recognized who I  truly was

It is such a beautiful thing to be around so many people who are related to you. Whether we share the same last name or share select family members. It is such a great gift in life to be blessed with so many people who do care about you.

When I was a little kid I also felt so irrelevant in my family. The focus of attention is mainly about the adults; their jobs, their lives, their struggles and their fulfillment. The kids were just sent off to keep busy and not bother "adult conversation."

I always social loafed into this category and did what everyone else was doing. I didn't need to introduce myself to anyone, because my mom would do all the talking, right? Well, this changed, and I loved it.

Being a legal adult, (maybe a kid at heart) kind of makes people think of you more seriously. They ask you about college and your future endeavors. But who cares about all that stuff? Dontcha just want to know about the person themselves?

I started to become my own person. I make my own relationships with people and have the ability to establish them and let them prosper. I love being my own individual self.

When you're a kid, you never really have time to create these friendships with family members. But as you become an adult it feels exactly like freedom.

I am writing this as I am thinking about what a family member told me. He said he recognizes the beautiful soul I have. For someone to recognize me so deeply and acknowledge me for it, was a miracle.

Meeting someone on such a spiritual level and connecting with them is one of the most beautiful experiences and I am so blessed that this person is in my life!


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