Hating On Hate, Loving On Love

I have found myself using the word "hate" a lot more often than I used to and I certainly, well, hate it. However, I have found myself using the word "love" more often as well. The problem with using the word "hate" too often I think should be pretty clear, but what is the problem with using the word "love" you may ask. The problem I have with using these two words is one that I have personally, so hopefully I can explain.

I'll start with the easier one first. So, what's wrong with my overuse of the word "hate"? Well, to begin with, whatever or whoever I am claiming to hate, I don't actually hate it or them. Hate is a very strong word and one that I have long believed should not be one wasted on things that don't really matter. I'm not saying that hate is something that should never occur. Personally, I find nothing wrong with a declaration of hate towards spiders or cauliflower. Spiders are freaky and someone may not have the best experience with them. Same goes for cauliflower. I also find nothing wrong with a person saying they hate their ex-significant other for cheating on them. Cheating is a profound and hurtful breaking of trust, so go ahead hate their guts.

I do have a problem when I say things such as "I hate that guy in my class who always seems to be speaking out of turn" because I don't hate him. I don't like him all that much as his actions constantly cause me annoyance, but I certainly don't hate the guy. Hate is overused by myself and by others. Do we really hate these people or things we say we do? A lot of times, no.

I am trying to make an effort to say "hate" less, though I have found it to be rather difficult. Once a word becomes a part of my vocabulary, it is an excruciating experience trying to expel it. (For example, I would love to stop saying "like" and "literally" unnecessarily, but it has been a difficult road to recovery).

Okay, on to the harder word: "love". Love is a good word and a good thing, don't get me wrong. I just believe I use the word too frequently now for things that I don't truly love. Like, do I love getting free ice cream? Well, actually, yes. But I don't love yellow cake, I just really really like it.

I used to be so cautious about the word love, and I still am towards people. Even towards my friends, I'm cautious about saying it. I care about them, certainly, but it takes me a while to really know if I love someone outside of my family. My friends would tease me about this a little in high school because they would say "love you!" and I would respond "yeah!" or "ah!" because I'm an awkward human being.

Words are very powerful things, and clearly I enjoy using them. The power of words is something that I do believe everyone has a true grasp of, even myself at times. Being careful about the words I say is something that I will definitely attempt to be more aware of and active in. I hope you all will be too.

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