Halloween Is A Strange Occasion, But It Is Still My Favorite

What really is the point of Halloween? I mean we're all gung-ho, but what for?

Taylor Cust

Have you ever really sat back for a second and thought, huh...why do we get all dressed up in these crazy costumes? As one of my favorite holidays approached, I found myself asking why is it one of my favorites. What about this infamous holiday sparks so much of my interest? I mean if you really sit and think about what is the purpose of such an occasion?

My friends and I shared stories about all things Halloween, and I caught myself thinking a little bit more about the costumes that people roll up in every year. I told her of how I personally don't understand the whole Nun and Priest costumes.

The more we talked the more I started questioning the purpose behind these Halloween activities. Think about it, kids talking to and taking candy from strangers…isn't that exactly what they taught us not to do when we were little? What about just walking around aimlessly in the neighborhood just knocking on random doors and waiting and hoping they open the door? That is literally asking for trouble. Yet, we all anxiously await the night when we can dress up all crazy and run around partying and or getting candy. It all comes down to the question of why?

Who started such a well-known tradition of dressing up and going around and getting candy from random neighbors. It honestly amazes me sometimes to think about. We all really just hopped on the bandwagon for this crazy idea and have stuck with it all these years.

Come to find out it was the Celtics who started this ancient tradition. They believed that at the end of each year the spirits of the dead would overlap and walk the earth again. So to protect themselves from the demons they would dress up as a demon so if they ever ran into one, they would think they were one of their own and leave them alone. So apparently, that's where the act of dressing up on a certain night came from. The legitimateness of that is questionable, but we all have our silly beliefs and superstitions. I'm still not really sure where the going up to random strangers and asking for candy came from, but crazier things have happened.

The love I have for this ridiculous holiday will never change. I will always be a child at heart and will continue to dress up and go have a good time with my friends.

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