7 Songs To Get Your Spooky Season Started
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7 Songs To Get Your Spooky Season Started

Some are creepy, some are fun, and all are hand-picked for your fall season. Without further ado — ladies and gentlemen, your songs.

7 Songs To Get Your Spooky Season Started
I'll be saving the best for last, of course. What is Spooky Season without a bit of suspense, hmm?

7. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

As if I even need to mention that one. I've heard Thriller on the radio every Halloween night for as long as I can remember. Maybe it does seem like your "average" spooky song, but I consider it more timeless than average. The music video, Vincent Price's cackling at the end of the recording? It's perfect.

6. "Sweet Transvestite" by the cast of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is among one of the very few musicals I actually enjoy. While this song isn't as inherently Halloween-esqe as Thriller, Sweet Transvestite's association with its respective film calls to mind stormy nights and creepy mansions in the middle of nowhere with a host of strange inhabitants. And, of course, Tim Curry dressed in drag, which would make a killer costume in any circumstance.

5. "Black Cat" by IRONTOM

If you listen to the lyrics to this song, the term "black cat" is clearly being used as a metaphor for substance abuse or mental illness, depending on which light you'd like to shine on it in terms of meaning. Still, the connection between Halloween and images and superstitions surrounding black cats is always present, making this song a great choice for an October playlist.

4. "Season of the Witch" by Donovan

Autumn, Halloween, witches? The title of this song speaks for itself. I would argue that you can only listen to this song in the fall, it's so suitable. If you're not fond of classic artists of the 1960s (like Donovan), maybe try listening to Lana Del Rey's 2019 cover of the song instead.

3. "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

I owe this song entirely to my friend Abigail. (And while I'm at it, I'll note that she also introduced me to IRONTOM and the song Black Cat.) Sweater Weather is another song that speaks for itself. However, unlike Season of the Witch, this hit by The Neighbourhood does not limit itself to Halloween. Instead, it's a catchy love tune that will keep your heart warm even in the coldest months.

2. "Freak" by Sub Urban (ft. REI AMI)

"It's that song on TikTok," you may be thinking, and you would be correct. But if you get past the overuse of the line "can't help myself" as audio for users' videos, you'll see it's truly a mesmerizing song. Sub Urban's music reminds me of an antique music box on steroids. I see elements of late Victorian or early Edwardian era style with a creepy contemporary spin on it. It's perfect for spooky season, and frankly I'm obsessed.

1. "Lullaby" by The Cure

This has to be one of the most haunting songs of all time. The imagery in the song describing the speaker being eaten by a spider (like Black Cat, a metaphor for drug addiction), makes it truly befitting as a track for your creepy adventures this season.

Well, folks, that concludes my list of Spooky Season Songs. I hope that at least one or two of the songs on this list will strike your fancy (or better yet, all seven). Whichever songs you choose to listen to this October, just make sure they are festive, fun, and perhaps a little haunting. With COVID-19, the presidential election, and all the other tumult swirling around us, a little extra good-natured Halloween spirit is in order for this year. Make the most of it.

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