Why Halloween is the best holiday
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You're Never Too Cool To Dress Up For Halloween

Get creative this spooky season and make the most of your Halloween.


It's undeniable that Halloween is one of the best holidays. For a night (or two separate weekends as the occasion seems to be this year) you get to be someone you normally wouldn't and celebrate with friends. Halloween invites creativity, parties and all kinds of festivities every year. Unfortunately, though, there are those who truly don't enjoy Halloween while simultaneously ignoring all the fun the holiday brings.

When you're younger, the excitement that comes with picking a costume, and showing it off to all your friends is anticipated for weeks on end beforehand. In high school, the excitement is still there but not as enthusiastic. Although, when you get to college the game changes completely, and perhaps for good reason.

With Halloween coming up this year on a Wednesday, several college students are making it a week-long celebration. This means picking several costumes, attending different parties, and filling in the time between with other like-minded fall celebrations. It's a week to let your creativity run free and lose all self of identity. Additionally, it's a time to hang out with others and enjoy all the festivities that come with the spooky season.

Even some adults take the holidays into their own hands by hostings parties, with Halloween conventions of their own. Halloween themed snacks and games are offered at a plethora of these parties, and even prizes for the best costume are given out as well. While not all adults partake in the holiday, some are brave enough to let loose for a day and let their inner creativity out.

So if you're one of those people who doesn't enjoy Halloween as much as typical people do, try letting loose for yourself this year. You can be whoever, or whatever you want for a night without the judgment of others and perhaps that's what makes it so cool. The costume ideas are endless and you're never alone in your zaniness. You're never too cool for Halloween.

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