All The "Grey's Anatomy" Feels During The Winter Hiatus Because Grey's Is Our Person
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All The "Grey's Anatomy" Feels During The Winter Hiatus Because Grey's Is Our Person

BEWARE this article contains spoilers and many many gifs.

All The "Grey's Anatomy" Feels During The Winter Hiatus Because Grey's Is Our Person

Our dear Grey's Anatomy hearts have been deprived since November 16th, and still, we have days left until January 18th when the TGIT line up returns.

We were left on the cliffhanger of the century (SPOILER) Joe's psycho abusive estranged husband found her at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, in the process interrupted her lifesaving mission of saving a little boy from getting Heparin. We were all FINE and then BAM!

Instant heart attack. Then the reality sets in that a little boy is most likely going to die and Joe is in physical danger.

Then we go through the 5 stages of Shonda Trauma.


Irrational Sadness

Violent Anger

Ongoing Weeping


Although these emotions are not uncommon for devoted Grey's Anatomy fans, it doesn't make them any easier.

Now let's all be honest, whether you prefer Izzex (Alex and Izzie) over Jolex (Alex and Joe) or think Joe is annoying, in the matter of her husband all Grey's fans unite.

We know who she is.

We don't know this "Brooke" her husband speaks of.

We have faith she will come out on the other side when dealing with her husband.

We know the whole hospital is behind her.

In the words of Meredith Grey, "Wilson, I don't think you're a victim. You were in a bad situation and you got yourself out, you're a survivor."

Now that we've established that, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT JAGGIE SCENE?

Because this is getting ridiculous people. They are not good together and the only reason their friends is because he helped her deal with her mother's death. To quote Meredith Grey again, "That's like post-traumatic stress romance!"

Like are you kidding me?? Of all the romances to give screen time to they are chosen?!

At this point, we're all just waiting for the next episode and wondering while the hell the winter break was so long.

2 months without Grey's Anatomy has our hearts crying, wondering if all this pain is worth it.

Then we remember the characters we love, the ones who have grown before our very eyes, and those we've lost forever.

People don't understand that Grey's Anatomy, all 14 seasons and 301 episodes, is so much more than just "a show about doctors". This show has become real for us, the characters are our friends and situations and pain they go through we feel. Maybe that makes us crazy, but all the best people are.

On Thursday, January 18th, the loyal Grey's Anatomy followers will wake up with a mended heart and sit down to watch the 302nd episode, while feeling as if it was the first.

So, let's dance it out people because Grey's Anatomy is almost back!

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