The Great Debate of the Redhead

The Great Debate of the Redhead

"We Wants the Redhead!"

This week it was announced that the famous auction scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride will now be replaced with a different scene at both The Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Paris. Instead of depicting women being auctioned off as brides to the pirates who are repeatedly chanting "We want's the Redhead!", the scene will instead feature the famous "Redhead" herself as a pirate auctioning off items from the homes of the village that the crew has just plundered.

Old scene:

New Scene:

Fans however, have mixed reactions to this news and I am in the middle about the decision as well (although very much find myself leaning towards the change). Here's why:


It's a classic memorable scene:

Overall the ride itself is iconic whenever you think about the Disney Parks. Practically each Disney Park has a variation of the ride and in most of them this scene is featured. It's one of the most memorable scenes on the ride, I even know some people who can quote it word for word. Not to mention there is even merchandise based on this scene.

To have it be practically erased, is disappointing since it's been there from the beginning.

Pirates aren't supposed to be nice:

I mean the words of the song pretty much explain this argument, with phrases like "We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot. Drink up me 'earties, yo ho" basically telling you that pirates weren't the greatest role models. A lot of people are arguing that the reason behind the change is because of the negativity this scene has, when the obvious argument against it is that of course it's supposed to be bad, they're pirates!

Will there be new slightly creepy animatronics in the replacement scene?:

I have not been on the new Na'vi River Journey ride at Animal Kingdom, but I have seen images of the new animatronic for the central part of the attraction which is the "Shaman of Songs".

(Spoiler Video of the Na'vi River Journey)

Needless to say it is an amazing piece of technology, but also kind of creepy. The question is with this being such an advancement in Disney technology does this mean that the new refurbishment of the scene will get a fantastic look like the "Shaman of Songs"? If it does will it mesh well with the rest of the ride, and will it also look slightly creepy?


It would actually make one cool fan theory a reality:

In Disneyland and I think Magic Kingdom's version of the ride, at the very beginning of the attraction your boat floats past a portrait of a red headed woman in a pirates hat.

Many have speculated that the woman in this photo is actually the same Redhead from the auction scene and the portrait is foreshadowing of her story of after the auction. It's even titled A Portrait of Things to Come. With the change this would actually confirm that theory showing that the painting was the Redhead the whole time.

The pirates are still being pirates:

So what that the pirates won't be auctioning off women in the new scene, they are still going to be acting like pirates in the new one. Once again I shall refer to the song with its lyrics to prove my point: "We extort and pilfer, we filch and sack....maraud and embezzle and even highjack. Drink up me 'earties, yo ho". The pirates will be doing all of that in the new scene, just with an awesome female pirate leading it all.

It's not the first time they've made changes to the female characters on the ride:

In the earlier years of the ride there were a couple scenes that featured the pirates chasing after women.

Granted these animatronics are only in the background but it still was noticeable enough for changes to be made as one can see now, when they ride the attraction. It is now the women chasing the pirates around, fighting back.

Think about the children!:

Disney Imagineering legend, Marty Sklar has recently stated about the change in scene that "the Imagineers are simply reflecting what Walt started the day Disneyland opened – making changes that create exciting new experiences for our guests"

Won't future pirates miss the auction scene though? Probably not, and here's why. Meet Meg and Jane of @youngjaneandlittlemeg_in_dland who I think predicted this change before all of us!

Even before the decision for the change of scene was made Meg had already devised the Redhead's story for herself about " how she escapes to steal her own pirate ship". and even found "this character really empowering for her". Upon the announcement of the change @youngjaneandlittlemeg_in_dland stated "what took Disney so long to figure this out?!?". So I think there is no need to worry about how the kids will react to the change

Where do you stand in this great debate?

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As I grew older, I pursued that dream. I took every child development course, taught in a preschool, and became a nanny. Working with children consumed my everyday life. I wouldn't change these experiences for the world. Going through this time in my life, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore and that phase in my life was over. I accepted this setback.

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11. No job is too big:

No pup is too small... oh wait, that's Paw Patrol.

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An Open Letter to the Maze Runner Family

Its been five years since I have read the books and became a part of this family. Thank you!

Dear my Maze Runner family,

This week we get our final film from the TMR trilogy, The Death Cure. As much as it's an exciting moment, it's also a bittersweet one.

Five years ago I picked up The Maze Runner from my library. I was a freshman in high school in need of a new book to read. I knew the second I read the first page that this was something I was going to love. I met Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Chuck, Alby, Gally, and so many more incredible characters. After I read the first book, I immediately got the second one, then the third, and later on, the prequels. These books became such a special part of my life and continue to be today.

In that early 2013 when I read the first three books, I got the news that the first one was going to be adapted into a movie. Ever since then, I followed everything on the first film including who was going to direct it, the casting, production dates, location, everything! However, it didn't stop there. Other than the movie, I wanted to know if anyone else had read the books and was just as much in love with them as me. I joined Twitter and amazingly, found other fans. We discussed and fangirled over everything together. It was so amazing to connect with others all over the world who loved the same things I do.

This all happened five years ago and it has developed into something so special. You all are some of the best friends I have and will always have. This especially goes to my closest friends, Olivia, Natalie, Charlotte, Margot, Sara, Sean, and Owen, who almost all have been there since day one. From all our Glader Hangouts, #GetToKnowGladers event, trailer reactions, and each film, I will never forget the love and support this family shows. It's incredible how big our little fandom has grown over the years and it continues to stay strong. It's safe to say that this has been the best time and it has literally changed my life.

Now to the James, Wes, the cast, and everyone else who worked on these films. James, you have impacted so many lives around the world with your stories and especially TMR. You became my favorite author and that stays true to this day (I have always kept that promise we made when we met)! Thank you for creating this world that I've fallen in love with. Wes, for being a first time director on this movie, you have done such a phenomenal job. I love your passion for film and these books. You took this unique story and created some amazing films. I look forward to your future work! To the entire cast, you guys are some of the most talented people out there. You brought these characters to life beautifully. Thank you for always connecting with us throughout this entire time. Finally to the amazing BTS crew including T.S. Nowlin, Wyck Godfrey, John Paesano, Ken Barthelmey, and everyone else, you are really what make these films absolutely incredible! I'm excited to see what you put together in The Death Cure and your future work! Overall, we are so grateful for what all of you have done and are proud of your work!

So, yes, we have arrived at our final film, but that doesn't mean goodbye. We will always be together and united for the rest of our lives; a special connection like this is something that will never die.

We aren't just a fandom, we're a family.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you.

~Miranda (MJ_Glader)

Cover Image Credit: The Jeurnalist

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