Gotta Get Back To College

Some of us only have under a month left of summer freedom before college starts back up. This means that a lot has to be done to prepare for the incoming school year, from packing and shopping, to making sure your financial aid is in order. Maybe its been too long, or maybe you don’t have enough summer left, here are a few ideas to get back in to the swing of things

1. Don’t fall behind on financial aid

They will call and call and call, bug you to make sure your payment plan is in order and threaten to take you out of that dorm you worked so hard to get into. Some of you on the other hand do not have to worry about money, considered yourself blessed.

2. Get those school supplies ready

Don’t be the person who asks to borrow a pen and paper on the first day, and every day after that.

3. Get some new shoes

Workout shoes, dress shoes, cute shoes, whatever you feel like, splurge a tiny bit and treat yourself. It could even be a nice pair of slippers for that 8am, whatever floats your boat and gets you going.

4. Athletes, start doing your workout packet

I know many of you are athletes and have maybe looked at the daily packet of workouts once. Maybe it’s time to start doing that if you haven’t already? Your coaches and trainers will thank you. We have all become the best at pushing things to the side and jamming it into the last two weeks of summer, but get up and go to the gym once, Okay?

5. Look at the books you need to buy

I am not saying buy them, but maybe start seeing where the cheapest ones lie within the inter web and bookmark them. When your teacher assigns chapter one on day one, you’ll be thanking me.

6. Slow down

This summer may have gone by too fast or too slow, but take a break because you know this school year will go even faster. When that internship/job ends, take a breath and take a moment to yourself, because we all know dorm rooms are pretty crowded.

7. Get your dorm room necessities

Cleaning supplies, new bedsheets, maybe a rug, get it down now and don’t waste time shopping later.

8. See your friends who you might not go to school with

Whether it’s you or them who live in a different state, or maybe it’s a beloved pet, spend time with your best friends that you won’t see for a bit. Go for an extra walk with your dog, go get ice cream with your friends, do whatever you can to keep the spark of friendship alive.

9. Plan ahead for rides home for holidays/breaks

You do not want to be stuck at school when it dies on breaks, so find those rides home early if you don’t have a car. Maybe stock up on some going home cash as well to bribe friends into driving you places.

10. Get ready for fall

Fall and winter are coming, and we all best be prepared for whatever it brings, no matter where you go to school. Jackets, shorts, pants, even a sled, be ready for the school year to begin and get back into the swing of things; early days, late nights, terrible cafeteria food, and skipping classes.

The end of summer is so close I can taste the pop quizzes.

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