It's Not A Goodbye But A See You Later, Fall '16
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Student Life

It's Not A Goodbye But A See You Later, Fall '16

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

It's Not A Goodbye But A See You Later, Fall '16
Hayden Mitzlaff

Four years ago, I walked through the doors of 329 Columbia Terrace an excited, nervous, and hopeful PNM.

I sat in the living room anxiously waiting for a deeper glimpse into the Theta sisterhood. While it is nearly impossible to condense the Theta sisterhood into a 50 minute recruitment round — I felt the profound love and relentless support among each sister throughout each minute.

That 50 minute round was much more than another party on my schedule that day. That party was a display of women celebrating one another, a deep unity, and a bond of three letters. A celebration, unity and bond I could not wait to be a part of.

Of the many wonderful gifts Theta has given me over the past four years — an unwavering sisterhood is undoubtedly among the greatest. This sisterhood rests on the foundation of faith, hope and love, and continues to grow and strengthen with the encouragement and devotion of each member.

Faith, hope and love are merely undefinable in the sense that their definitions vary from person to person, yet each term can be broad and all-encompassing. With these words nearly impossible to define, there is no way I can adequately express what this Theta sisterhood has meant to me.

I'm assuming that everyone here knows what sisterhood means or can pretty much infer its meaning, however, it can be hard to find a single definition to properly exemplify this term. In thinking about what this word really means, I googled its definition.

The definition that really stuck out to me was this: mutual female esteem, concern, and support.

While this sisterhood is the perfect embodiment of mutual female esteem, concern and support — Merriam Webster failed to include pivotal aspects of this definition.

The theta sisterhood is taking bid day pictures on the T-house lawn with strangers, who four years later would become your best friends.

This sisterhood is giving the little sister you never had a kite on bid day, as she becomes your sorority sister. Katie Muldoon, where you at?!

And getting the best hype speech from Isabel Leon, remembering that we are all enough. Then watching funny snap chat videos of her until you cry. You were the greatest fire marshall we ever had.

It's having your own personal Web MD thanks to Eliza, Annie, Claire, and EK.

This sisterhood is counting down the days until the next Gas girls party. Andie and Kelly, will you plan my wedding?

It's feeling so much better about my sweating problems after realizing that Gab did not, in fact, go for a swim before leaving the house.

This sisterhood is watching Madalyn Norton slay Greek Sing, STOMP, or pretty much anything and thinking that's my damn president.

It's Abby Rucker's infectious smile and Grace Barnes' contagious laugh.

It's Kerriann's impeccable storytelling. You're so weird, and we love you for it.

The Theta sisterhood is the backbone you don't have, thanks Lisa.

It's sending a piece of your heart down to Atlanta with Jess each summer.

And it's looking into your best friends eyes as they fill with tears, and then trying to hold back your own. Who knew Nat had a soul?

Theta is finding so many bridesmaids that I'm going to have to build my own alter to fit them all.

It's learning how to love yourself when you never thought you could.

It's opening a bid day card to three words that will forever change your life.

It's the best pledge class I could ever ask for.

It's memories I'll cherish forever with people I'll never forget.

So maybe Merriam-Webster should consider including these examples in its definition.

I can't begin to describe the amount of love this sisterhood has brought into my life. I will never be able to thank each and every member, past and current, of the Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Iota chapter enough for instilling in me a love and confidence I never thought I'd find, and allowing me to be a part of a sisterhood I never knew could exist.

Fall '16, while our four years ended more abruptly than we would have liked, nothing can replace or take away from the enduring memories this sisterhood has provided us with. I can confidently look at each and every one of you and say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for shaping me into the person I am today. I cannot wait to see the amazing things we accomplish. Race y'all back to Tin Roof ASAP.

Four years ago, I walked through the doors of 329 Columbia Terrace an excited, nervous, and hopeful PNM. Today, I walk through the doors of 329 Columbia Terrace with a sisterhood 300 girls deep and a heart that is forever imprinted with KAO.

Theta love and all of mine.

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