A Goodbye Letter To My Freshman Year
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A Goodbye Letter To My Freshman Year

You will be missed.

A Goodbye Letter To My Freshman Year
Taylor Dean

As I sit in my dorm room and take one last look around before I start to pack up, I reflect on my past year as a freshman and reminisce about my memories. I have learned many things this year, some that apply to everyday life and some which only apply to certain moments and places. Here are some of the things I learned:

Do not take air conditioner for granted. My dorm room was so hot most of the year, I could barely stand to be in there for a few minutes, and I had to sleep there.

You will find your place. Whether it be in a sorority, club, sport and so on, you will find your place and your people.

Greek life isn't everything, but if you are in greek life, it will become everything. I never saw myself being as obsessed with my sisters or my sorority as I am now.

Use your meal swipes, but treat yourself every once in a while. Go to a restaurant with your friends once a month and split the bill, it won't cost that much and you'll be so happy that it's not the same old food in the dining hall.

Go to that frat party. I'm not saying to neglect your schoolwork and if you have a big assignment do it or study for that test but going out on Friday or Saturday night is not going to kill you.

Sleep. This is so important. I know what it's like to run on literally no energy and it's not fun. Try to get a decent amount of sleep per night.

Go to class. I know a lot of time the class is optional, especially in your freshman year when you are in a big lecture hall but if you get into the habit of skipping, you won't stop and it won't help when you actually have to go to class. Also, you could miss important announcements and notes.

Take a break. Staring at a computer screen or textbook for hours on end is not good. Take a walk, get food with your friends, watch a Netflix show if you have been studying all day, take a nap.

Find where and how you study best. Some people need flashcards, some people can only study outside. Find what works for you.

Drinking is not everything. I've had so much fun without touching a drop of alcohol and trust me you can too.

You are your own person. Your opinions matter and you are your own person. Go against the crowd, if that is your thing.

Be yourself. Sport that t-shirt of the band you absolutely adore but no one else knows about it. Wear makeup every day if that is your thing. Wear sweats every day if that is your thing. Trust me no one is going to care what you look like as long as you are yourself.

It's okay to make mistakes. That's how we learn. I've had my fair share of mistakes and I will continue to make more. It's not the end of the world, trust me.

Those are some of the things I have learned this year. Goodbye freshman year. You will be missed.

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