People Aren't Thrift Shopping Anymore
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5 Reasons Everyone Needs To Start Loving Thrift Shops As Much As I do

I mean come on people, get with it.

5 Reasons Everyone Needs To Start Loving Thrift Shops As Much As I do

I know that when you think of thrift shops you either start singing Macklemore on repeat (it's just a catchy song!) or you think about people's leftover old, dusty clothes. Well, let me stop you right there! I am a self diagnosed shopaholic. I really can't be stopped when it comes to shopping. And without thrift shops and discount stores, your girl here would be broke. Like bank-balance-lower-than-my-GPA broke. Yeah.

So many of my friends won't even go near thrift shops because the idea of wearing someone else's clothes creeps them out. And while I'm not about wearing people's old underwear or bras, there are actually some really amazing treasures to be found in thrift shops. So let's explore all the reasons why you should be jumping on the thrift shop train!

The amount of money you save is unreal!



I just bought the cutest old fashioned dial telephone (that actually works!) for $7. Oh yeah, you read that right, $7!! Someone on Ebay would have tried to convince me that it was worth at least $50 and I would have probably fallen for it. I am also the proud owner of an amazing comfortable purple sweater, that I bought for $10! You already know Urban Outfitters would've called it "vintage" and jacked up the price because of that.

You can find just about anything you need (or didn't know you needed)



I mean did I really need that dial phone? Probably not. But I love that I have it. And I certainly wasn't going to let anyone else leave with it! But I've also found incredible things that I was looking for. I found a Kitchen Aid mixer for $60, which seems like a lot until you find out they usually sell for over $300... I've also found signed copies of books I was already interested in buying. (Signed copies!!! My little bookworm heart can't take it!) Thrift shops are treasure chests just waiting for you to discover your next favorite thing.

Thrift shops are usually not-for-profit.



My favorite thrift shop to go to donates all their profits to the Humane Society. So while I'm living it up spending $5 on $30 dollar items, I'm also helping cute animals in need! Which really just means I have an excuse to spend more money. I mean come on, mom, I had to do it for the animals! Right?

Expand your fashion horizons.



I have certainly found a number of things that screamed "Made in the 1800's!" But I've also found some cute stuff I never would have thought to buy for myself before. I've got some kick-ass earrings that look amazing on me, if I do say so myself. But I never would have gone to the store purposefully looking for them. Except now here I am and I can't live without them!

Birthdays, Christmas, Parties, etc. all just became much simpler.

Too Easy.


Okay, just hear me out. When you walk into a thrift shop, you've literally walked into to where you can buy everyone's presents as the cheapest price possible. I know it sounds crazy. I mean it took you two months to find the perfect gift for your mom, who has "refined taste," as she likes to put it. But in thrift shops its not like your walking into a Marshall's where already reasonably priced items are discounted. A thrift shop could have really expensive things, but the store knows that people wouldn't buy it for what its worth, so they have to sell it for way less. So now you have that super fancy candle for your mom and a cute purse for your sister all for under $20. #Christmasdoneright!

Take a page out of Sophia Amoruso's book, and make a few bucks!



Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, started making some serious bank by selling and redesigning vintage designer clothes on Ebay that she found in thrift shops. And I know what your thinking, Sara you just said that Ebay sucks because they charge you too much! And that's true, but that's not what this is. Sophia would find vintage designer clothes at thrift shops, and because the owners had no idea what the clothes were or their value, she would buy them for $15 or $20 but them revamp them and sell them for their actual price of $300 or more on Ebay. Now I'm not saying that if you're currently broke and living paycheck to paycheck, quit your job and become a thrift shopper (that's just unrealistic). But if you're tight on cash it might not hurt to sell a few things on Ebay once or twice a month.

PS. highly recommend watching the Neflix show based off her book, Girlboss. It will probably encourage you to create your own fashion company; it will definitely encourage you to be fearless and hella confident.

So my love readers, go forth and (thrift) shop! And in the words of Macklemore, "I'm gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket, I'm hunting, looking for a come-up, This is fucking awesome!"

You're welcome, I know that's officially stuck in your head forever now...

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