Best Movies To Watch With Your Best Friends
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13 Completely Different Movies to Watch With Your Best Girl Friends

Disclaimer: guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, and probably appreciate the friends you have just a little more than usual.

13 Completely Different Movies to Watch With Your Best Girl Friends

Every tightly-knit group of gal pals needs to say that they've shared a movie night at least once! It's one of the best bonding experiences you could have, and it's great for finding movie references that you all can finally relate to. But instead of scanning through Netflix for hours trying to figure out what to watch, consider these options I've found to be the best:

1. "The Devil Wears Prada"

devil wears prada

If you have yet to see this classic movie of female empowerment, you are living a life I do not want to envision. This movie is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings while enabling a rush of pure girl power to run through your veins. Seriously, what's better than a female owning a major fashion company? How about two women working together to run a major fashion company after a LONG battle? You just have to see it, guys (or should I say gals?).

2. "The Do-Over"

This movie is utterly hilarious. But what else would you expect from Adam Sandler? While this movie will absolutely make you laugh until you have a six-pack, it is only available on Netflix. So jump on the "binged-out" train and subscribe to Netflix, and I guarantee that this Adam Sandler commentary is not the only movie you and your girls will share.

3. "The Last Song"


This movie ALWAYS breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces, and I wouldn't want to share that with anyone other than my dearest friends. The passion, love, and sadness paired with reminiscing on the days of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana are sure to evoke some *strange* (but much-needed) feelings. Plus, every girls' night NEEDS a Nicholas Sparks movie to even be considered a girls' night.

4. "Clueless"


An ultimate 90s flick, "Clueless" is the perfect film to watch with the girls. Why? Because it has EVERYTHING. Friendships, romance, comedy, and a perfect ending. The characters are a great representation of friendship, diversity, and the culmination of the 90s into 2000s era. Oh, and you'll also be saying "rolling with the homies" for the rest of the night.

5. "Bridesmaids"

Because you'll be with your future wedding entourage, why not watch the hilarious "Bridesmaids" film? If you've yet to see this movie, this better be the FIRST movie you watch with your girls (or alone, that's fine, too).

You will be CRYING from laughing so hard, even if it's the 16,354th time you've watched it.

6. "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"


To be quite honest, I watched this movie with my boyfriend, and I do not regret it one bit. This movie cracked me up and made my little heart skip a beat :'). This is a perfect depiction of Matthew Mcconaughey in his PRIME— and when I say prime, I mean it. I'm just not sure my boyfriend thought so.

7. ANY "Bring It On"


Any of these hilarious and action-packed films are guaranteed to make for a perfect girls' night-in. Especially if you were/are a high school cheerleader, you'll be sure to reminisce on tiring cheer practices, cheer hierarchy, and worst of all, cheer DRAMA. Of course, my favorite is "Bring It On, In It To Win It."

8. "Wonder Woman"

This ultimate girl power film is sure to ignite all kinds of feminist feelings in your bones. Get ready for an action-packed movie of the best kind of love, heroism, and sorrow that has ever been shown on the big screen: the one where the woman does it all.

9. the "Scream" collection


This collection is the perfect set of movies to watch with your girls, because who watches scary movies alone? These movies are perfectly curated for you to predict the bad guys, the plot, and the ending, too. Oh, and you'll need someone to walk with you to the bathroom after.

10. "The Breakfast Club"


Every girls' night needs its 80s fix, and what better way to get that than by watching "The Breakfast Club"? This movie is all that was perfect about the 80s wrapped up into one classic film that your mother loves, too. Plus, the ending is pretty freaking great.

11 "Sleeping With Other People"


One more good love story, because it's exactly what you and the girls need. I seriously adore this movie because it shows the real and raw power of love, and the trials and tribulations it takes to find it. It will have everyone spilling their popcorn, laughing until they cry, and most importantly, believing in love (in every form).

12. "Grease"

Another GREAT addition to a girls night is a musical phenom, and for this girls' night, "Grease" is just what you need. Seriously, "Grease" is all that is great in romance, love, and music. You'll be singing all night long.

13. "Pitch Perfect 1, 2, & 3"


This is my FAVORITE girls' night trilogy because it is the modern-day example of girl power! These semi-talented Barden Bellas will make you laugh until your belly aches. These movies are good for the soul— and for the girls! And of course, Fat Amy is the funniest recurring character in these films.

No matter what the occasion for a girls' night is, these movies are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and hug each other a little tighter.

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