To celebrate Women's History Month, I wanted to write a poem directed towards girls growing up during the Trump Era (but mainly with just the theme of women empowerment). Unfortunately during this time both girls and women have been degraded by men. What I want both girls and women to know is that we are important.

We are strong, brave women who deserve the same amount of respect as men get. I should mention now that this is in no way trying to steer hate towards men, more so continue to voice about the importance of women and push for the support in men doing something right. Instead of fighting over "who is more right" lets fight together on the right side of history.

To all of my sisters,

Not just my cisters,

But my sisters.

I want you to know that during this era,

Where the only thing you are supposedly known for,

Is your smile and breasts,

That you are more.

Your legs may be long like valleys,

And your skin might be caramel,

But that does not define you.

Staying home is not for us,

Or rather...

What we are meant to do.

To all you little girls who dream to become President,

Become President.

To all you little girls who wish to discover the hidden depths of space,

Discover the Universe.

Why should we be degraded to nothing more than objects?

Hands to hold, lips to be kissed?

We are more than that.

What we are, is women.



What we are not are




Or pussies to be grabbed.

We are women who deserve the same amount of respect

As you give our so called "president".


To all the little girls who are growing up in this scary era,

I just want you to know that you are more than an object.

You belong in this world and the same respect as everyone else.

While it may seem impossible just remember that

In 2020 we will be able to make a change.

So be the change.

And let's make women equal...

Because this is long overdue.