Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (A Small Response)
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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (A Small Response)

Spoiler Alert! Following Article Does Include Revival Information

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (A Small Response)
Gilmore Girls // Netflix // Cr: Joe Pugliese

So for the first time since 2007, Gilmore Girls fans got another taste of Stars Hollow and the townsfolk are buzzing. It’s no secret that the fan base has had some strong opinions about the ending love interest of Rory Gilmore, been wondering what Luke and Lorelai have been doing all this time, and needed some closure for Emily Gilmore after the death of her husband. Amy Sherman Palladino definitely did not disappoint. Fair warning, SPOILERS are going to be found below, so if you have not watched all four episodes-stop reading NOW!

In classic Rory Gilmore fashion, I think a true Pro/Con list is very appropriate for reviewing the Four-Mini-Movie Series.


- Rory totally comes off like a jerk for treating Paul like he’s nothing.

- It seemed that Miss Patty was missing from some key scenes like the town meeting and the Musical scene??

- As a #TeamJess person, it was disappointing to see that much of Logan in the beginning.

- The atmosphere of the Inn was definitely missing Sookie in the first few episodes.

- The town ambiance did not seem consistent because the drama was so spread throughout.

- The show is also missing Richard’s presence greatly.

- I was sad Babette didn’t have more funny moments.


- The Cameo’s in this series are hilarious and so exciting to see.

- When the town charm came around, it was in classic Stars Hollow fashion. The Miss Celine scene was perfect in every way.

- The ending did bring a form of finality that the fans needed.

- As a #TeamJess person, it left off on a hopeful note for all the Jess fans in a way that made me giddy.

- Luke and Lorelai finally get married.

- Kirk’s pet was the perfect pet for him and Lulu.

- April had the perfect amount of time in the reboot and grew up to be just as quirky as expected.

- Gypsy played the maid and did a hilarious job!

- Emily got a good redemption.

- Hep Alien is still rocking!

Emily dealt with the death of Richard exactly as I hoped that she would. She saw the life that she had with her husband change after his death and moved on in her own time and on her own terms. Her husband’s death also allowed her and Lorelai to struggle in a way that brought a bit of closure to their mother-daughter relationship that was necessary and satisfying to see. I enjoyed seeing Emily find something that she was passionate about and find a new place to call home. It was a fitting redemption for a widowed woman struggling to redefine her place in the world.

Lorelai’s story seemed to unwind well with Emily’s. Palladino picked up just about where one would expect her to with her relationship with Luke, her success with the inn, and hers and Rory’s

friendship as it always was. The season of life that Lorelai seemed to be experiencing was a challenging one in that she went through a few hardships that I did not expect to see her go through. The surrogate struggle was a bit of a surprise only because that had been a question in the original seasons that seemed to have been addressed. Her struggles really seemed to take a toll in a sad way, but did lead to a good place. There was some closure for her that not only pertained to her relationship with her mother but also brought a new beginning for her career. I, for one, was happy to finally see her and Luke tie the knot and for her to finally reach a bit of redemption with her own mother. Lorelai’s ending was definitely one that the fans didn’t get from the original series but has wanted to see all along.

Rory’s story was a bit of roller coaster! Based on the ending that we saw of her story back in 2007, there was no way anyone could have anticipated this direction from Palladino. If you think about what the last four words are, and you remember that was always Palladino’s plan, it’s honestly kind of mind-blowing. Though I felt that Palladino gave Rory some great things to build on, as far as her changes in career and her job struggles, she ended up resolving (or not resolving, whatever way you want to look at it) an unexpected part of the story. Personally, I felt disappointed in Rory’s adult life choices, similar to the way that I felt disappointed in her in the past. Yet I was pleasantly surprised with where Palladino brought her in those life choices. I expected to not be given concrete answers, especially when it came to her love life, but the implications are pretty undeniable at the same time. I was glad to see that Rory was chasing after a dream she didn’t know that she had. I was glad to see her striving as a young adult, as most young adults are, and finally, I was glad to see the story end in a way that was a complete surprise. And no, not going to give away the BIG surprise spoiler!

I honestly wonder if that is still the direction she would have chosen if she would have had the chance to finish out the show in 2007, but I can’ t say that I was disappointed in the ending. I was happy to see the story come full circle even if it is not what most people expected for the Gilmore Girls ending. The shock factor was pretty fun, and the mystery of the big “who”(though I think one can put the pieces together through the imagination pretty clearly) was pretty fitting, even if she did go with the whole “history-repeating itself” way.

Though not everyone will love the revival, you have to give them credit for their creativity and their commitment. They did a good job.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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