We all know the gifts that we would have wanted 10 years ago and would have been so excited to receive, that we were all writing on our wish lists to Santa. It feels like not too long ago we were all waiting to unwrap these gifts and just open these presents. Here are a few throwbacks, some that are so cringe-worthy to think it was just 2007 that these were so popular.

1. Heelys

I think we can all remember the days where we were actually excited to be doing errands with our parents inside a supermarket because we would be sliding all up and down the aisles or to go to school with them until they started saying we weren't allowed to anymore...

2. Xbox 360

Opening this up on Christmas day made us the happiest kid around! This is almost revolutionary and helped to create the Great Divide of PlayStation vs Xbox.

3. Silly Bandz

What a simple item to get in our stocking and yet so fulfilling as we all couldn't wait to go back to school after that winter break just to trade with our friends.

4. Runescape gift cards

This was one of my personal favorites as coming across that membership was a blessing. Plus, going further into the wild was always fun.

5. Bratz dolls

These were so in - everyone was obsessed with them for a while, then they kind of just faded out.

6. "Twilight" series

Everyone can agree that this was an ABSOLUTE must-read and must-see! Were you a Jacob or Edward fan? This started a whole vampires-being-in thing as well. I still have my "Twilight" books somewhere...

7. Tamagotchi

Does there even have to be anything said? This was an obsession for years. Everyone had one or knew someone who had one. We didn't even need real pets, we had this.

8. Blackberry

I never had one but I can tell you that so many of my friends did, yet now I can't tell you one person who has a Blackberry. Absolutely crazy!

9. Guitar Hero 3

EVERYBODY WANTED THIS, ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR GAMES OF THE YEAR! You can even find it in arcades today! This was the first time having wireless guitars! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

10. Bop It

I loved when I got this as my Christmas gift and became obsessed. Bop it, twist it, pull it!!

And there you go! Some of the throwbacks that you can get nostalgic about and remember. Have a Merry Christmas!!!