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Treat Yo Self To These 10 Gifts For Christmas And Say Sorry To People You Didn't Get Any Gifts For

There is no Christmas rule that says you can't get a gift for yourself

Treat Yo Self To These 10 Gifts For Christmas And Say Sorry To People You Didn't Get Any Gifts For

It's the most wonderful time of the year, which means you essentially have an obligation to give a little more than your presence and a half-hearted hug to the many loved ones in your life. Office parties, white elephant get-togethers, and that's not even including your family Christmas gig where relatives you haven't seen all year pat you on the head and ask you how your love life is.

I, for one, quite enjoy it all (minus the last part). I'm a big sucker for gift exchanges, and, as cheesy as it sounds, I really do believe that it's more about the giving than the receiving.

Sometimes, though, I think enough is certainly enough. I've just army-crawled through finals, and I'm still working to pay rent. I definitely feel like I deserve a special Christmas present myself. And who better to buy it for me than me?

Do you feel like you could use a little self-love this holiday season too? Well, here's a list of ten items to make this season go from obligatory to celebratory.

1. Nice dinner at a fancy restaurant


Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the best way to show myself some love is with some wonderful food that I don't have to make. Sure, you have to pay someone, but it tastes so much better.

This could be your die-hard favorite restaurant or something new that you've never tried. Whichever way you feel like treating yourself, definitely spring for dessert. You're worth it.

2. Massage


Yes, I am the white girl who gets regular massages, and I'm definitely not afraid to admit it. It's a wonderful way to relax, it relieves all the tension that college is prone to give, and it's an hour(ish) that's basically all about me and my needs.

You might call it selfish, but I'll call it a nice treat for myself because I work hard.

3. WWF adoption kit


This may seem obscure, but it's most definitely a worthwhile gift for oneself. The holidays are traditionally seen as a time for giving, so this is much like donating to the Salvation Army or helping out at a soup kitchen, BUT this gift also gives back.

This metaphorical adoption of an endangered animal from the World Wildlife Fund gets you all sorts of goodies, from a gift bag to an info card about your animal to an actual stuffed representation of your animal as well (I know, get lit). This also lets you choose which animal to donate, making it super cool.

It's really a win-win: You're technically donating your money in a positive way, which is super awesome, and now you can also tell people you've adopted an actual tiger.

4. That one thing you've wanted for a really long time


You know the one. Everyone has that one "thing" they've wanted for a hot minute, but it's either too much money or not the most practical purchase in the world.

Well, I'm saying go for it. Unless your big-ticket item is a hit man, treat yo'self.

5. A cheesy gift basket set


Literally walk into Wal-Mart, go to the gift section, and get one of those ridiculous baskets. It's the type of impersonal nonsense that I wouldn't want to get one of my friends or family folks.

I will most certainly get one for myself, though. They have super cool things like movie baskets or DIY Bloody Mary sets.

And I don't even need to wrap it.

6. The largest stuffed bear you can possibly afford


This may be a stereotypical Valentine's Day present, but you can love yourself any day of the year. Get that teddy bear, boo, you deserve it!

7. A nap day


I don't know about the rest of you college folk, but I'm several days into this break, and I still don't feel rested.

Take it upon yourself to dedicate a day to literally just lay in your bed, napping and recuperating, with small breaks for bathroom and snack runs. Do what you gotta to make this happen, whether you need to add it to your family's Google calendar, take off work, or escape into the great outdoors away from civilization.

It's your gift to yourself, after all.

8. Socks


As the great Albus Dumbledore once said around this time of year, "One can never have enough socks." Also, if you're the one purchasing them, you can get super cute ones like these as opposed to the standard white ones that your grandma tends to buy you.

9. A blanket


Now, I'm not talking about some dollar throw blanket that's about the size of your left leg. I mean a quality piece of material made of fabric so soft it makes you cry.

Maybe even spring for a heated blanket, 'cause you're worth it.

10. A movie date


There are some pretty great movies coming out right now, and nothing beats viewing them with surround sound, reclining theater seats, and movie theater popcorn.

Grab a couple of friends or go stag. Either way, you're sure to have a smashing time.

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