Gift Giving Made Easy
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Gift Giving Made Easy

Skip the lines at your local mall and give a gift that will leave a lasting impact.

Gift Giving Made Easy
Kelsay Singleton

I have curated a list of my favorite items that you should give as gifts this Christmas. Skip the lines at your local mall and give a gift that will leave a lasting impact. All of the items I have included are ethically sourced, leave a positive impact, support "local", and have an encouraging message to spread. I have done all of the research and heavy digging for you so do not worry. This gift-giving guide is all you need to survive the holiday season, sanity intact.

Starting my list is what I would consider an essential item.

The Grace of Rain

In my opinion, this new devotional is wittingly crafted to suspend time and cultivate an appreciation for scripture and reflection. Kirk Manton does a fantastic job interweaving wisdom and art in his devotional, and it has been the highlight of my mornings. If you are intimidated by the thought of a bible study, or just tired of mainstream devotionals then I highly recommend purchasing The Grace of Rain. Not only did it give me a new found appreciation for poetry but it also offered a refreshing way to focus on scripture. This is a gift you can give that offers much more than material value.

Purchase The Grace of Rain for just $9.49 HERE

When it comes to musical talent, Natalie Tyer is an anomaly. She sings, plays, and writes. Not only does she do it all, but she does it extremely well. I guarantee you will have her songs on repeat with her angelic voice and deeply moving lyrics. Did I mention she wrote them herself? Consider Natalie the next Taylor Swift, but with more talent and a better cause. Natalie has a new album coming out on iTunes December 16th, and you should pick one up for everyone you know. The proceeds from her album are going towards an 11-month international mission trip she is leaving for in January. Go support a good cause, while being serenaded with some good-for-the-soul music. You can also learn more about her mission trip here.

If you have a “planner” in your life, you know the type of person that loves highlighters and straight lines? Then you should consider looking into Sacred Ordinary Days, especially if they love Jesus. Sacred Ordinary Days sell a liturgical planner that incorporates scripture and reflection into the organization of a hectic life. Not only does it help prioritize your day, but it also allows you to invest in spiritual growth. Help your loved one make the most out of next year – and get them the Sacred Ordinary Days Liturgical Planner

Next in line is nearly as satisfying for the soul, but a little less flattering for your figure. Equal Exchange makes THE BEST CHOCOLATE BARS EVER. Seriously, you cant go wrong with chocolate… and a must try is their Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt (55% Cacao). But it doesn’t end there. They also offer a wider variety of products such as but not limited to coffee, tea, jewelry, gift baskets, fair foods, and crafts. If your wallet is feeling light, they have a free recipe section! All of their products are fairly traded, environmentally sound, and made with quality.

Its time to skip Bath and Body Works this year and shop at Legacy Candle CO. instead. You can get the same great scents, but with a better cause. Legacy Candle Co. creates “candles with a purpose” because they focus on empowering and restoring people. Every purchase helps to support former victims of human trafficking.

If you have a fashionista in your life then you should check out Krochet Kids International. All of their products are hand signed by the person that made the item. Their goal is to equip people living in poverty with skills, education, and resources to change their circumstances forever. They have a wide selection to choose from, and it is all made with love. Whether you are looking for a purse, t-shirt, scarf, or sweater, they have it all, and it is high quality.

If you have someone in your life that is hard to buy for… I have the gift for you. Maybe it is your boss, father-in-law, or awkward cousin? Maybe they are just the type of people who buys themselves whatever they want before you can gift it. Regardless, Woodchuck USA probably has a something for them. All of their options are thoughtful, quality, and purposeful items. So get to shopping, and cross that difficult person off your list. While they check out their well-crafted gift, you can rest easy knowing that Woodchuck USA plants a tree for every product sold.

Now that I did all of the heavy lifting.. you just need to click a link above and knock out that Christmas to-do list. Your loved ones will be sure to thank you for one of these awesome gifts, and you can pat yourself on the back for making conscious consumer decisions this year.

(: Gift giving made easy.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.

Thanks and God Bless,



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