Poetry On Odyssey: We're Not Equal
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Poetry On Odyssey: We're Not Equal

Just because we can marry, does not mean we're equal to the public.

Poetry On Odyssey: We're Not Equal

So you gave me the right to marry and now you think we're the same

Forgetting about the internalized anger society carries

Just because I love a person of the same-gender name

We are not equal

People still call us 'faggot' and wish us dead

People still give me looks if we dress and identify a certain way

People still ignore the law to refuse our rights

We are not equal

You worry about the kind of families we'll have

Rebuking our ability to raise a child when it goes against the sponsorship of God

But you disregard your own daughter contemplating suicide getting told to pray "until the gay goes away"

We are not equal

No one understands the fear we have holding hands in public

something so casual and harmless still warrants stares and whispers from strangers

The pain of wanting to let go because society would rather we do it in private

But you gave us the right to marry so we must be equal.

The truth is, representation is important but it goes beyond that

No matter how many characters you include in a show

Or how many states agree with letting us be

We will not be equal

Until our youth stop dying for being who they are

Until people stop citing the bible to convince us we're going to hell

Until you stop giving us judgmental looks and opinions

We will not be equal

You gave us the right to marry though, so we must be OK, right?

It doesn't matter if you want to elect officials that wish to take it away though... right?

You see gay people on television so we MUST be equal now, right?

It doesn't matter if you think there's too many when the statistic is still not realistic though... right?

We can voice our opinions in the media, so we are definitely fine now, right?

It doesn't matter if you complain because you'd rather we be silenced though... right?

We are not equal because they don't want us to be equal. Therein lies the problem.

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