Gary Johnson: 2016's Dark Horse
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Gary Johnson: 2016's Dark Horse

The former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian nominee, and one of the most bipartisan candidates in recent history, stands an actual chance of pulling off a third party victory.

Gary Johnson: 2016's Dark Horse

With the absolute cluster***** that is the GOP in 2016 and the corruption of the Democratic Party, America's Two Party System is hanging on by a thread. The Democrats are frantically trying to sew it back together, albeit with the flimsiest of threads, and Republicans cling to Trump, effectively pulling apart the patchwork. With the chaos and commotion, the idea of a third party candidate is becoming much stronger.

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico is running for President as a Libertarian. He is an experienced politician and businessman with a clear, thought out platform. Many voters who feel disenfranchised by Trump and Clinton are looking towards Johnson as their savior.

Johnson is a Libertarian, which means he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. He believes in freedom: free market, freedom of marriage, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and free enterprise. He believes that everyone is free to do as they wish as long as it doesn't threaten another person's liberties, freedoms, or their personal safety.

He will uphold social liberties and policies such as LGBT rights, equal marriage, equal pay, women's rights, abortion, and will certainly refute any push to ban or register all Muslims. However, he will also be against universal health care, paid family leave, college assistance, and regulating Wall Street.

In essence, Gary Johnson is the most bipartisan candidate in recent history.

Many Sanders supporters could agree with his social standings, and many disenfranchised Republicans could certainly agree with his economic positions. He is clearly a viable candidate, with plenty of experience in domestic leadership, politics, and economics. He lacks Clinton's foreign and federal expertise, but he certainly is a more trustworthy and respectable candidate then Donald Trump.

The 2016 election has left the American people rocked and shaken to the core by the complete disregard of the people's choice. With the DNC swindling the election in the favor of Hillary and the financial powers of the nation pouring money into their favorite candidate's pockets, the People are ready to take back the nation.

The two party system has never actually worked out well for this nation, and in the past ten years, it has caused nothing more than the most unproductive Congresses in history. The only clear thing about this election is that once it is done, the status quo will be no more.

Gary Johnson is an exceptional option for those jaded voters, upset with the way things are. He calls out to the massive amounts of voters who don't trust Clinton or Trump to lead the country. He is an experienced political leader who could be the revolutionary choice for the country, now that Sanders has joined the Clinton camp.

It is vitally important that Johnson becomes a known, serious candidate. For many Republicans who feel forced to vote Trump, Johnson could be the moral escape for them. If Trump is elected and our worst fears are realized, many Republicans could find solace knowing that they didn't vote for Donald The Dictator, nor "Crooked Hillary."

Democratic Republicanism (our government system,) is the process of the people voting for the best people to lead their country. It is not the process of voting one group over the other, it is not the process of letting the elite choose our leaders. It is a nation of people electing a person who represents their complex, overlapping ideas. Being the leader of a Democracy means being able to appeal to many different sides. It means fighting for the social rights of the people. Being a democratic leader means being bipartisan. And there is no candidate more bipartisan then Gary Johnson

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