Spoilers ahead!

Over spring break I had the time to binge-watch "Game of Thrones." I had watched it in the past but had never gotten hooked. Since the series is coming to an end this year, I decided I would join the hype and catch up. After seven seasons and countless deaths, I am officially ready for season eight. OK, honestly I'm not but you know I'll be watching every week.

What did I learn during this time? Never have a favorite character and never read the theories about the ending! G.O.T. is based on a book series that isn't even completed yet. George R R Martin, the author, has been very tight-lipped on when the last book will be finished. Basically, no one knows what's going to happen, and I'm getting nervous.

The end of season seven left me asking "How the hell are they going to survive this?" White walkers have a dragon, Jon Snow slept with his aunt, and the wall fell apart. Immediately after finishing the last episode I spent hours reading and watching what could happen in season eight.


Season eight will have six episodes (not enough) that are the length of an average movie. War is going down, and no one is ready for the outcome. Theories include Jon being the savior, everyone dying, and everyone surviving (highly unrealistic). I keep torturing myself with these theories that are probably all wrong! Most of the actors have come forth with their reactions about the end. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) said she needed a glass of wine after reading Danys ending, so that's great. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) said he cried when reading Jons ending.

Basically, this is going to be a mess, and everyone is going to die. Just kidding, but probably not!

There will a spinoff of G.O.T. before all of this went down. It will highlight the heroes and how the white walkers came to be. Will I watch it? Probably not, I am too emotionally invested in these characters and plot. The white walkers can choke for all I care.

The hype of G.O.T. is real and people who haven't seen the show, are probably over it. I used to be that person, but after devoting my entire spring break to it, the hype is real. This is basically me trying to come to terms with it ending so, please someone tell me they feel the same.