At the beginning of December 2018, there was a minor scare that Netflix was removing "Friends" very shortly after the new year. As most everyone has heard, Netflix heard the public outcry and spent about $100 million to be able to keep one TV show.


This sounded absolutely ridiculous to me for the longest time. Even though I do admit that I love and cherish "Friends," it just doesn't make sense to spend so much money on keeping one show that came out more than a couple decades ago.

I mean, I understand that "Friends" is and always will be a classic, but is it really worth $100 million? Yeah, I don't think so either.

This made me start thinking about just how much money Netflix makes to be able to spend that much and not seem to blink an eye. Obviously a lot.

Even if Netflix does have a pretty hefty income from all the streaming, and even if it has almost held control of a monopoly of the streaming industry, this does not make it indestructible.

I have heard whispers that Disney is going to be making their own streaming service and that all of their movies, Marvel, princesses, etc, will be pulled off of Netflix and various other sites.

Even though this could be true, I also heard the same thing about BBC a couple years ago, after they took "Doctor Who" off of Netflix — which had been on the platform since forever. It never really came to pass, "Doctor Who" just got moved to Amazon Prime.

All of this got me thinking, though, the streaming industry is very narrow, so what will happen if it gets harder to keep our favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu? I'm a little nervous to see these big companies crash and burn in the future just because they overestimated how much the public enjoys certain content.

Even though there was a public outcry that "Friends" would be getting removed at the beginning of 2019, that doesn't mean that a fortune should be spent on renewing the contract.