Funny Things Overheard At UGA This Week: The Finale
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Funny Things Overheard At UGA This Week: The Finale

"Kanye is just stressed about finals like the rest of us."

Funny Things Overheard At UGA This Week: The Finale
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For the past four years, the people on UGA's campus have kept me laughing continuously. To help spread the laugher, I began compiling some of the zany quotes I heard and putting them here on the Odyssey. From frat beach to spring parties to just a regular week on campus, everyone always had something great to say. Upon graduation, a chapter of my life is coming to a close and along with it is my time at the Odyssey. I cannot thank my fellow students enough for all of the joy they've brought me throughout my college career. Now without further ado, here's the last edition.

We're right in the middle of finals, which means it's procrastination season. During your two hour long study break in between your 30 minute study sessions, check out what some of your classmates had to say.

1. “My finsta is so underwhelming. Everyone else has wild stuff like videos of them drunkenly falling off of tables and nudes, mine is pretty much me ranting about the Tate Parking Deck being full.”

2. “My advisor ghosted me.”

3. "Those tweets are definitely the result of an all nighter on Adderall. Kanye is just stressed about finals like the rest of us."

4. “I don’t like him anymore, he doesn’t do his homework.”

5. “I’m going to write a critical essay on Ohio. Let’s start with the shape. It’s a misshapen square. A less well cut Colorado. I swear it was cut with crazy scissors.”

6. “Tinder in Korea was AMAZING.”

7. “I was at a book club last night that got kind of rowdy.”

8. "I rode in the back of a truck the other night, it took me back to pledge rides from the Creswell crosswalk. Made me feel nostalgic."

9. "To everyone that judged me for getting graduation photos done in January, have fun in line at the Arch."

10.“I associate all of those bands with the same genre”

“Psychedelic rock?”

"Music that frat stars listen to when they smoke weed.”

11. "The guy next to me had the Braves game pulled up on his phone during the entire convocation ceremony."

12. "My intuition tells me that Cardi B and I wouldn't get along."

13. "Some people in my class were talking about birds playing in a corn hole tournament this weekend."

"Are you referring to the Pigeons Playing Ping Pong concert?"

14. "I wore cat ears to make the outfit more casual."

15. “I found my soul in the mosh pit at Emo Night.”

16. "If I yell compliments at a dog as I drive by is it still considered cat calling?"

17. "What is the fork knife game everyone has been talking about?"

18. "I now love the Patriots."

19. "I still hate the Patriots."

20. "I'm avoiding Taq this week. It's gonna be full of graduating sorority girls crying into their queso."

For the final time - thx for the memz.


Eavesdropping Girl

P.S: I may be leaving, but the Overheard presence still lives on. This Facebook group

can keep you informed on some of the funniest out-of-context conversations heard around campus!

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