5 Fun Ways to Start Summer
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5 Fun Ways to Start Summer

Time to relax...

5 Fun Ways to Start Summer
Keegan McManus

Now that we have all arrived home after finals, most of us are feeling more worn out than the shower shoes we were saved by all year. I had one of the best semesters of my life filled with lots of fun, hard work, and planning for the future. Now that it is Summer vacation, and before most of us start working, here are some awesome ways to relax and rejuvenate in the places that make us happiest.

1. Catch up with best friends

The best feeling in the world is getting to see your friends from high school and being able to pick up right where you left off. Most of us haven’t seen each other in months but we are still able to hang out and laugh in the same ways we always did. It’s great to hear about everyone’s college experiences, but of course, none could compare to the amazing times that you’ve been having at school yourself. It just feels so great that even when people go far away and make new friends, you can still have the same comfort and trust with the friends you grew up with.

2. Go to the beach

New Jersey is the best state in the country because you can get to the beach, or New York City in under an hour. The beach is such a beautiful, energetic, and relaxing place to start the summer. The water will definitely be cold, but go in any way because you have not gotten to go to your favorite beach town in almost a year! Soak up the sun to get a tan, bring some great sandwiches to eat for lunch, and try to surf or boogie board even if you’re not good (i’m horrible) because it’s still a ton of fun.

3. Cook a homemade meal

After pigging out on takeout food, and dining hall dinners it is time for some deliciously fresh food. Get together with your friends, or your family, and decide on something awesome to make. Its a ton of fun to make homemade pizzas where everyone gets to pick their own toppings. Another idea would be a potluck dinner where everyone brings a different dish to complete a whole meal. The only thing better than spending time with great friends is doing it with great food.

4. Start Exercising

After far too many occurrences of skipping the gym to study, go out, or sleep, it is time to get that beach body ready. The weather is nice by now so running outside would be a great way to get fit.

Another idea is to get your friends to go to the gym with you so that it isn’t just a tiring workout routine, but a social and organized way to have fun and exercise. Swimming at the beach or running in the sand is another great way to start losing weight because you are at the beach and probably won’t even realize it’s a workout.

5. Go to a party

The best way to connect with not only the people you were best friends with in high school, but also the people you want to see after almost a year of being apart is to go out to a party. There will be lots of people there from different grades and its an awesome way to reconnect and have a great time.

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