"Fuller House" Finally Becoming A Reality
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"Fuller House" Finally Becoming A Reality

"They say you can never go back home, but we came back home." - Dave Coulier

"Fuller House" Finally Becoming A Reality
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It has been 28 years since Full House premiered, and sure- I was not alive to witness the birth of this timeless show, but it was still a significant part of my childhood. “Full House” was one of those iconic, family-friendly shows that almost anyone you talk to has watched. It not only taught us valuable lessons (when that instrumental music hit, you knew some serious lessons were about to be taught,) but it also introduced most of us to our first crush, Jesse Katsopolis (I mean come on- have mercy.) It is safe to say that there is not a show airing now that has the same feeling, so it only makes it even more exciting to see these characters again.

In just a few days, the new series “Fuller House” will premiere on February 26 exclusively on Netflix. However, when this was announced last year many had endless questions. Who will return to the show? What is the plot? What about the Olsen twins? WHERE IS KIMMY GIBBLER? Over the past few months we have learned that the show will revolve around recently-widowed DJ who moves back into her old house and must raise her three boys with the help of Steph and Kimmy who move in with her. Sounds familiar? We have also learned that the whole main-cast, except for the Olsen twins, will return for the premiere episode (even Nicky and Alex who are no longer those bowl-cut little boys, but are instead grown teenagers.)

Let’s go through some of the trailers in order:

If anyone who was not a fan of this show watched this teaser they would probably not get the point but I can shamelessly admit that I have watched it at least 50 times. Starting off with the classic exterior of the San Francisco home that we grew up to know and love, and panning to each room of the interior that seemed completely untouched from when “Full House” ended, this teaser was the perfect way to introduce the idea into our minds. Then, the best part comes. As we start to hear the voices of DJ, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey and the rest of the Tanner gang on the other side of the door, all we want is for someone to just open that stupid door from all of the suspense. Not to mention, a baby Comet?! Just when I thought my heart could not handle anymore.

More of a behind-the-scenes video- we see the actors experiencing what it is like to visit these characters that they have not seen in a very long time. Seeing glimpses of scenes where these fan-loving characters repeat their iconic lines was just what we needed to feed our inpatient selves until “Fuller House” finally premieres.

Here it is. The official trailer that gave me life. The classic theme song, characters sitting at the kitchen table, Kimmy Gibbler being her 90’s self, Steve back into our lives and DJ, Steph and Kimmy making reference to little Michelle.

We have grown up with these characters and have ultimately developed a deep connection to them. They were a part of our young lives and “Fuller House” now has the ability to develop the same connection to a new generation all over again. Now please excuse me as I continue to watch old episodes of “Full House” until the 26th.

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