I Was Looking For The Full College Experience And I Just So Happened To Find It In Greek Life
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I Was Looking For The Full College Experience And I Just So Happened To Find It In Greek Life

So happy to call Alpha Chi Omega home.

I Was Looking For The Full College Experience And I Just So Happened To Find It In Greek Life
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This is not another article convincing you to join greek life. I find those articles repulsive and desperate. I just wanted to give my new home a shoutout.

I never saw myself as "the sorority girl."

I hated high school and all the girls that had already planned out which sorority they'd join. I picked MTSU because I was convinced that Greek life wasn't that big and not many people were going here from my high school (also it's cheap).

I was raised to think that sororities were cults, and that I'd be paying for my friends if I chose to join.

I was taught that sorority life was dressing up as a playboy bunny for Halloween and getting drugged at frat parties (not funny like seriously why does this still happen).

I spent my college freshman year cooped up in my shared dorm room having basically only my roommate as a friend. I had made some friends on my floor until they joined sororities and were busy all the time. I was jealous. I looked for organizations on campus to join and my only options were things that did not pertain to me and Christian groups which if you read my recent article "Dear Campus Ministries, I Will Never Accept Your Countless Invitations," you know that's not my thing.

After going through a depression of my expectations of college not being met, I decided to put aside my judgments of greek life and go through recruitment.

Recruitment was the literal worst weekend of my life.

It made me feel like shit. Sororities made me feel good and like I was easily going to see them on my schedule the next day and then I literally tried to refresh my schedule thinking I got the wrong one.

Eventually, I ended up in Alpha Chi Omega and I am so happy with it.

I have made so many new friends including my bestie and my big. I can still unapologetically be myself which I really did not expect. I have had new experiences that I wouldn't have had without my sorority, and I am just an all-around happier person this year.

I am not telling you to join greek life, but you're only in college once so find your thing and make the most of it.

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