You love having the freedom of going places. You love being in control. You love the alone time and listening to music. You love to drive. But, from one "bad" driver to the next, you know that someone else always ends up doing the driving instead of you.

Even though someone else may end up actually doing the deed, you shouldn't stop having the same opinions about driving, you may just have to alter them. You still get to have the freedom of going places whenever you want. You don't get to be in total control, but if you are lucky enough to be the co-pilot, that is close enough, right? From one "bad" driver to the next, you take what you can get when it comes to driving.

Okay so, you realize that you don't get to actually do the driving most times, and that is good to recognize in this process. You understand at this point that someone else usually takes the wheel. From one "bad" driver to the next, this isn't the worst thing in the world to have to accept.

Once you realize you may be bad at parking, you may forget to turn on your headlights, you may excessively cut people off, or you might even just lack focus all together, you should learn to fix these things and you could turn bad driver into rad driver. From one "bad" driver to the next, you might not find this to be the most possible task, but at least try it!

Personally, this label doesn't bother me a bunch. Yeah I'll admit that I have my off moments in driving, but I always get to where I need to go as safely as possible. It doesn't particularly bother me that no matter how big the room full of people, I will always let another person offer to drive so that I do not have to. From one "bad" driver to the next, it's okay if a decision like this is simply made for you.

With all this in mind, the next time you are told that you are not driving and someone else is, you can take this as an opportunity to sit back, relax and let a friend take you to your destination safely. From one "bad" driver to the next, if there are people who are better at driving than you, it's okay because you can just enjoy the ride without worry.