8 Things You've Definitely Said This Year If You're A Freshman
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Student Life

8 Things You've Definitely Said This Year If You're A Freshman

“Please walk faster.”

8 Things You've Definitely Said This Year If You're A Freshman
Akim Powell

Being a freshman was probably the most overwhelming thing I've experienced in my life. Sometimes getting hit a bus actually sounded convenient especially when I had to wake up for an 8 a.m. on a Monday. You know what they say "Life is like a box of chocolates..you never know what you're going to get." Well, in my opinion, being a Freshman is like drinking cheap vodka, it sounds good but hurts like hell going down.

1. “Should I change my major?”

Being indecisive will be the death of me. One day I’m a teacher. Then the next day I’m a Pre-med major. Picking my major was like picking out a drink at Starbucks, it's impossible.

I talked to my professor and she made me realize that it’s normal to not know what you want to do right away. She told me that she had changed her major numerous times during her college experience and it’s natural to not know all the answers. So the moral of the story is choose wisely kids.

2. “Should I get a fake ID?”

Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures. Going to the local clubs is always a struggle when all your friends have fake IDs and you look like you're a middle schooler sneaking into the bars.

Just my luck I’d be the only one to get caught and end up in handcuffs on Snapchat or even worse the police confiscate it while being delivered. To avoid all these complications just wait until you turn twenty-one to fully experience the glory of being an adult. Until then, just have M.I.P free, fun.

3. “Please walk faster.”

Nothing grinds my gears more than a slow walker. Slow walkers have to be stopped. The most annoying scenario is when you’re extremely late for your class and someone is walking at the speed of a turtle.

No matter what size they are, they always seem to take up the entire sidewalk. Like hello, it’s me, Kim Kardashian! Get out the way and make room for me.

Sometimes I wished I was a slow-walker so it wouldn’t get to me so much. The best solution is just to count to ten and breathe because if not then it might not end well.

4. "I think I’m going to skip my 8 a.m."

I think I was drunk when I chose an 8 am class. Getting up at 8 am for a class is like. After a long night the last thing I wanted to do is wake up and go to my 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock's are the worst because you don’t have time to eat breakfast or look cute for the frat boy sitting behind you.

After getting points deducted from your final grade I think now I’ve learned my lesson. NEVER SKIP CLASS. Go to the 8 am because nothing good comes out of it in the end.

5. "I’m poor.”

Being broke as a college student is inevitable unless your parents are millionaires like Kris Jenner. If they are then congratulations, you’re a lucky individual. When I say I was broke as a joke, I literally had -$33.90 in my bank account at one point.

Sometimes asking for money from my parents became repetitive and annoying. I didn’t know how to manage my money. Despite being broke I still enjoyed my freshman year of college.

It was always a difficult decision whether I should buy Taco Bell or save the money for laundry. Well, of course, I chose the Taco Bell and it was worth every dollar.

6. “I can’t watch Netflix right now, I have too much work."

*watches Netflix anyway*

Who doesn’t love Netflix? Thank god for Netflix because being a broke college student, I’ve saved money and stayed inside and binged watched American Horror Story episodes all night. Sometimes when I should’ve been studying, Netflix kept me distracted and stress-free.

Having Netflix was bittersweet, on one hand, I loved watching Netflix but then I would procrastinate on work that needed to be complete. When my friends forget to invite me out, Netflix was there. Netflix will always be my best friend.

7. "This paper has to be 4 pages, how many points will you take off if it’s only 2?”

Okay, 4 pages is a lot. I can’t even fathom the days when I will be required to write a 100-page thesis. After 500 words I go blank and I turn it in.

Writing papers about uninteresting topics is extremely exhausting to begin with. And wait, now there’s a page requirement? I didn't want to do it in the first place and now this makes the process even more grueling.

I say no page and word requirements and free for all topics. Who’s with me?

8. "Who’s paying for the Uber?"

No, Madeintyo I don’t Uber everywhere. Why is Uber so expensive? I mean considering the fact that I was broke, I felt it cost $100. Resorting to getting an Uber was always the last solution.

Honestly, Uber is worth it if you’ve had a fun night and driving isn't an option. You know what they say when you know better, you do better.

Can’t wait to conquer another year full of shenanigans.

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