One Of The Perks Of A Breakup Is Freedom

Being out of a relationship is a type of freedom. Freedom that is more about having the ability to do what you want without having to constantly worry about the other person. Being in a relationship for a while is something everyone wants, but what if both parties are going through major emotional struggles?

It is hard to focus on yourself when you are in a relationship because there is always a constant worry about the other person. Yes, there will be depressing moments, but you need to do what you need to do to get yourself back to happiness and not have to struggle. There is no problem with being friends, but after a breakup, focus on loving yourself first. There are two things I have figured out myself from my last breakup. Although we are still good friends, I still needed to go through this and realize how much good comes with the breakup.

Self-Love: In order to have a strong relationship, you must love yourself before you let someone else love you. Otherwise, it there will always be a constant struggle of figuring out if this person truly loves you, and a constant pain of being jealous or not feeling important. Having self-love gives you strength, and it gives the relationship strength.

Pain-Free: The struggle of a breakup is painful, but on the other hand, there will be no pain in your life from the former partner. Yes, it will be hard, and yes cry out the pain of the breakup. But soon you will realize that the true pain was coming from within the relationship. Now, there are no constant fights or worrying about the other person being unfaithful, or even just the pain of feeling like you're not able to do anything. It is all over now. The freedom has finally come to be able to do whatever you wanted.

The breakup initially is hard and emotional, but there is good that comes out of it. After a few weeks or maybe a month, you will begin to realize the freedom you will have to be able to focus on yourself and learn to accept yourself, love yourself and be happy with your life. Not only is it about loving yourself, but it is painless to be free. There is no more pain or having to worry about the other person and what is going on with them. Again focus on yourself. There's no more pain of fighting and no more pain of others attacking due to the relationship. Everything becomes happiness, and this is what people need to realize after they breakup. Everyone needs to focus on the good parts of the breakup. So get out there, be with your friends and have fun without any struggles in front of you.

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