To The Fox News Correspondents Who Thinks The 'March For Our Lives' Is 'Playing Politics With Tragedy'
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To The Fox News Correspondents Who Thinks The 'March For Our Lives' Is 'Playing Politics With Tragedy'

This isn't just about guns and politics.

To The Fox News Correspondents Who Thinks The 'March For Our Lives' Is 'Playing Politics With Tragedy'
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This article is a response to several statements Fox News anchors and other media that seem to be against the students' protests, March For Our Lives that happened on March 24th, an event staged after a deadly mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Dear Fox News Correspondents,

I'm sorry that you think that I'm just a "pawn" in this movement. I'm sorry that you think that I'm being "used to advance an agenda". I'm sorry that you think the "left is playing politics with tragedy". I'm sorry that you are quick to dismiss the arguments of the students marching. I'm sorry that you see the marchers as "misguided and ill-informed."

I'm sorry that you think I should be in civics class instead of on the streets making my voice be heard. I'm sorry that you see the gun control movement as a personal attack on you and your constitutional rights as you have "done absolutely nothing". I'm sorry, but I've got some news for you.

As someone who participated in the march last Saturday, I don't think you're truly hearing us out.

The amount of anger about gun laws has been boiling up for years, this is anything but new. The possibility of a school shooting in anywhere would have lurked over every students' heads whether or not the shooting in Parkland, Florida happened. It will continue to do so until there is change, and this doesn't necessarily mean banning ALL guns.

This was a fight for stricter gun control, for more regulations, and for the ban of SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles to the public. Because frankly, what person needs an AR-15 and why was a 19 year old able to legally obtain one? This isn't about taking away your constitutional rights, it's about taking away the daily fear for our lives that comes with going to school every day.

We understand that not everyone with a gun is a killer and we hope that you understand that not every marcher wants to deprive you of your rights to your safety. The point is 17 innocent people should not have to die to make this March happen.

17 families weren't left grieving their loved one for no justice to come. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are the first who have spoken up about their experience and have gathered support from millions across the country. They are making sure something comes from this tragedy for their peers who can't.

They are not using this tragedy to prevent those to obtain guns. They are using their voices and their experiences to further the discussion and start a movement; and what a movement they have started. To belittle this movement as a tactic to further liberal politics is degrading to the fear they endured and survived. This isn't just about politics, this isn't just about guns.

This is about lives that shouldn't have been lost and lives that can be saved. This isn't just about Parkland. This is about Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the 305 and counting school shootings that have happened in America since 2013. For the victims of any gun violence issue, for the 96 Americans that die each day to gun-related issues.

We march for the innocents who have had their lives taken due to gun violence too early, which could have been prevented. We march in hope of not having anymore lives taken. To say this event was all about being "anti-gun" isn't the full story. As someone who participated in the march last Saturday, I can tell you it was an event of bringing us together in the face of tragedy, fear, and hope that this will never happen again.

The civics class that you are so keen on insisting I be in instead of using my first amendment rights taught me to let my voice be heard, the importance of being active in a democracy, and being an advocate for what I believe in. It taught me the value of political efficacy and that one person can indeed make a difference.

This is shown by the millions who participated in the march, and Parkland students like Emma González, Jaclyn Corin, Cameron Kasky, Alex Wind, and David Hogg who have left their mark on this movement and our country and have encouraged so many others to do the same.

Although you anchors may have done "nothing wrong" with your guns, you are doing something wrong by belittling the meaning of the actions demonstrated by millions. I am not misguided or ill-informed about how the obtaining of guns have to lead to deaths.

I am not uneducated about the rights that Americans have and how we are entitled to them. I am aware of the meaning and importance of this movement and will continue to participate not in taking away other's 2nd Amendment Rights, but lending my voice in taking away the chance of even more death in school and on the streets.

So, I will go back to my civics class now. I will open my textbook and my desk and continue to learn about history, government and what being an American means. However, as hard as I try, I can't seem to focus on the subject when a continuous threat of violence seems to be in the back of my mind.

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