7 Foolproof Ways To Get Yourself Off Your Phone
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7 Foolproof Ways To Get Yourself Off Your Phone

The expression "time is money" is true because everyone only gets 24 hours of time. Why waste several of those being on your phone?

7 Foolproof Ways To Get Yourself Off Your Phone
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None of us want to spend five hours on our phones surfing the web. But the phone is like something that calls to us whenever we get a new text or like. Before we know it, it's been a few hours and none of the work on your desk has even been touched. You thought you were only on your phone for a few minutes.

Does this sound familiar?

We all need to get off the grid once in a while, so here are some of the best ways to appreciate the world around you and put that device down for a few hours.

1. Reading

First of all, don't make the mistake of reading on your phone — that's just going to lead to you ending up on something else, and it's also true that reading small print on a device can stress your eyes to the point where your vision may start getting worse.

Instead, use a real paper book when you decide to sit down and read. Take a trip to the library, and ask the librarians or your friends for recommendations.

I actually used to be a complete book child, and a few years ago, that had all changed. I had no patience for books anymore and just didn't read them, instead opting to text my friends or just do schoolwork. Ever since I got into high school, about a year ago, I've found that it is something I do in a boring class or at a time when I can't use my phone, especially after a test. Suddenly, I have something to give to my ADHD high school mind, while everyone else has to settle with looking around or doing even more schoolwork.

Reading has become more important to me than being on phones because it requires a big attention span and demands that you pay attention to the plot, making it that much more exciting. People will wonder why you read so much, but let them pick up a book. They'll understand, just like you did.

2. Making Plans With Friends

You may think that "plans with friends" means that you're going to be posting your status with everyone anyway. But why do we post status? Probably because we want to show off to everyone about how good of a time we're having. It's not necessary at all.

Before you start hanging out with your friends, plan an activity so you won't be bored, such as biking on trails, walking around the neighborhood or even going to the arcade and bowling alley. Of course, you'd still have your phone around for emergencies, but make a pact where everyone will turn off their notifications and never take out their phone. Your good times with your friends may just be better off as secrets because it makes the whole thing more special.

3. DIY Projects

Yeah, this sounds so 2010, but there's a reason that they've been around so long. Nothing is better than showing off something that you made by yourself, whether it's a bracelet, a hat or even clothes.

Funny story, I actually got the idea of making galaxy-printed shoes from a DIY video I watched on Instagram. But there are so many online that you can search up, and I'm telling you, once you start and get the hang of it, you literally won't be able to stop until the final product is finished. Just make sure you don't get hung up on something else while you're looking for ideas. You may learn how to knit, embroider or properly paint!

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4. Playing An Instrument

Some instrumentalists may tell you that practice is the worst thing ever, but get this: just because you sit down on the piano bench, unpack your guitar or assemble your flute, doesn't mean you have to actively practice something that your teacher gave you. I always try making a cover of my favorite song with the techniques I've learned over the years. You may even get to the point where you perform your own covers!

For people who do not play an instrument, get this: many of the top artists today are not classically trained in whatever instrument they play. Instead, they just picked up the instrument and taught themselves how to play it with the occasional help of a tutorial or lesson book. One of the easiest instruments to pick up is the guitar, and you can start strumming your own songs within a month with just picking up a few chords. It's great to know that you're the one making this music, not some music-playing device.

5. Playing Around With Makeup/Outfits

While this is mostly for girls, boys may find that they enjoy doing this as well! There is a point in high school when most girls are pressured to put on makeup just to see what they can do to cover up their flaws. But it doesn't always have to be a corrector: I have friends who actually use makeup to do new and interesting looks on their faces, and you can use it just to see how weird or movie-starry you can make yourself look!

Outfits are another story. If you can, going clothes shopping is an awesome way to get off your device and see if a new look is in order. You don't even have to post — wait until you get to school so everyone can see it for real the first time!

6. Playing Sports

If you aren't a sports player, STOP! Don't scroll down.

You don't have to be part of a team or league to get out and start shooting some hoops. Sports are something that many people do for fun when they're bored. True, some sports may require you to have a few other people, so if you do, that's great. But things like basketball, running, golf and sometimes even soccer can be played alone. The more people there are, the more fun you'll have.

7. Motivating Yourself To Get Some Work Done

Some of us hate it, some of us accept it and if it's something we love, we enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is something that absolutely needs to be done. You can motivate yourself by treating yourself to a meal after an hour or even sitting around doing nothing (with time, you may consider even reading a treat!). The one condition is, do not under any circumstances let your reward be using your phone. We all know where that will end.

The sense of accomplishment in getting your work done and sitting back is truly amazing and doing it without any distractions is equally amazing. And while you're at it, don't think of any type of work, whether it's washing the dishes, studying for the test tomorrow or finishing your business report, as something that is time-consuming and useless.

Perspective is everything.

Our world today is growing into an increasingly technological place, but a fear nearly everyone has thought about is what if everyone stops interacting and becomes so engrossed in their technology that they forget to step back and take a break from their fast-paced life? What if I die, still working on that last report or checking the news?

You need your phone, but you also need a real life with it. And that's something you can only accomplish by putting the device down and picking up something else, if it's a violin, a basketball or a book.

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