Follow-Up On Scott's Shooting

Last Tuesday 9/20, in Charlotte, North Carolina happened an incident that has been arousing outrage and confusion. A man named Keith Scott was fatally shot by a police for being suspected of carrying guns. This is like the event of Harambe being shot by a guard in the Cincinnati Zoo a few months ago.

I didn't know there were protests until one of my friends marked herself safe on Facebook. The protests have been going on for three days. The first two days were the worst because violence was involved and the police couldn't keep things under control, resulting in a man's death. Later on, after the interference of the Community Leaders, the protest went on peacefully with friendly interactions between the protestants and the police.

It's been said that there is a video recording the moment when Scott was shot. His family wanted the police to publish the video, but due to North Carolina's law banning the release of police recordings, the video remains private. That video was taken from his wife, who at the moment tried to tell the police not to shoot Scott because he had traumatic brain injury. His family also defended him by saying that he was reading his book while waiting for his son coming back from school, but the police said no books were found and Scott was armed. In the video, what Scott was holding in his hand couldn't be seen.

The footage of the incident is still unclear, so stay updated. I hope that everything will go well in North Carolina, and that all residents are safe and sound.

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