FOLKLORE: our generations themed album.
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FOLKLORE: our generations themed album.

this is what 2020 needed.....

FOLKLORE: our generations themed album.

FOLKLORE the ALBUM review......

My cousin had this great idea that I should review the Taylor Swift Folklore album , because she knows I love to do music reviews and well, Folklore is everyone's favorite thing to listen to right now.... So here I am at 9:19 about to embark on an hour long journey listening to this whole entire album, and giving you my honest opinions about every track list as I listen to them from youtube, because somehow Spotify and my computer do not match tonight... So please enjoy, and if you have any music you would like for me to review, please leave a comment down below, and I will try my best....

: I like the beat in the beginning, very vibey. " I'm doing good, I'm on some new shit", that verse is honestly my motto for the rest of my life...Honestly, if my wishes came true it would be one person too, so I understand that line too...... Okay, the "oooss" are a glee vibe.... The greatest loves of all time are over now, is a pinterst image I am using in this blog, and I love it.... That whole picture, and the lyrics are just amazing....I am just wondering if this is about someone in particular, or is this just a storybook album......Someone please let me know about that, cause ya know..... I am intrigued....

NUMBA DOS- Cardigan
: I kept hearing this song on the radio, and could actually never get into it because of the beginning.... It just kind of scared me off, so here we go listening to the whole thing.... So far, we are okay.....I'm very confused with the lyrical meaning of this song..... Someone help your girl out. We're playing hide and seek with this cardigan? Is the cardigan a person of saftey, and that is what this song means? Am I warm? Am I colder? I feel like the cardigan is a person of saftey, and now I am trying to figure out who my okay now I Have in my head who my person of saftey also known as "cardigan", from now on.

NUMBA TRES- the last great american dynasty
: DJ TSwizzle in the house for this one I see. We are taking an adventure to St. Louis..... Never been there, wondering how it is.....Who got married? Did Taylor and Joe get married and move to St. Louis? Is Joe okay? Did his heart die? I mean, Taylor is stunning but no need to let your heart die, Joe.....Card game bets with Dolly? Dolly Parton? Who would go against Dolly? No one, so what is that about........Someone stole a dog, how dare they...... Okay, it was me..... not really; but has anyone else seen a really cute dog and thought my actual dog needs a sibling..... Just me? Okay.... I really like this song, because it makes me seem quirky when I am really just being myself.... I honestly think about these things when listening to songs or watching movies.... It is quite scary writing this out... OK next song....

: BON IVER, I REPEAT BON IVER!!!!!!!!!! This was the only song I actually listened to because I absolutely love Bon Iver....... omg, his voice... Someone wake me up.... I could live a peaceful life if Bon Iver would just sing to me 24/7........ Okay, the polaroids are somewhat coming to mind again..... This should be my theme song.... just saying.... Not.....His voice with her voice is angelic....... Balancing on broken bridges are something I know too much about, if you are catching my drift... I am not your problem anymore, but I have a heart so that is why I am defending this person..... OKay, here it comes..... SING IT BON IVER, SING IT!!!!!!!!! This song needs to be played every single day of my life from here on out..... I am in love, okay.

NUMBA CINCO-- my tears ricochet
: Glee, is that you? Am I suppose to cry to this song since it is called what it is called? Cause I loved you, I loved you till my dying day. I so relate to that, okay.... for some reason tears are forming, and I did not mean for that to happen...... I am actually crying like no lie... Taylor, what are you doing to us? Wait someone is at the lake? Relatable, to be honest. OH, we went to this beat.... I have chills, my heart is barely beating..... I'm sure my dog is wondering if I am okay, and I will be.... but in this moment I am not for sure.....Me either girl, me either. What is grace? This song.... a vibe.

NUMBA SEIS-- mirrorball
: A very 80's kind of beginning......Windows down, driving to Canada kind of vibe with Griffin Johnson feeling right here.... During the winter time I might add......very wintery vibes with this song. It it is not my favorite I will go ahead and say that, but it is a good song..... I honestly, do not understand the meaning of this song if someone wants to tell me that'd be great....

: The fact that Number seven is called seven..... A mood. Picture me in the trees? Looking up these lyrics real fast. Very indie kind of vibe. Now we have a house that is haunted, ok... Creepy indie vibes.....Wait is this song like a ghost haunting someone and leaving this as a tale of some sort? Am I just overthinking this whole thing.... now we are picturing her in the weeds and not in the tree.... Taylor, wearorange if you are not okay in your next Instagram post...... This is the vibe I get from this song..... anyone else?

: Never needed anything more than rust on a door..... Taylor needs a maid, I am thinking...This song is making me feel attacked to be honest cause I relate to this song more than any other song so far.... Thinking that person will call, and then they never do.... but then they do... So not sure..... if I actually relate to this song or my brain thinks I do.... Am I okay? Who knows to be honest.... Yes, I did cancel plans for that summer love... Sorry for those who were affected..... You will not be able to get compensation for that.....

NUMBA NUEVE-- this is me trying
: Very tik tok beginning where we could do a dance... I like so far..... Yes we do have a lot of regrets, Taylor.... Did you write this album about me? I am about to start bawling my eyes out listening to this song just so everyone knows.... Getting wasted like my potential..... Dang....Okay, this song hit hard, and I had no idea it was coming so moving on to the next song........ well not yet, but I'm wanting to.... The open wounds that I closed are now back open, and we are going to not sleep tonight.... YAY, thanks Tay.

NUMBA DIEZ-- illicit affairs
: Make sure no one sees you when you leave...... Road less traveled, oh no.... What else is there..... meetings in parking lots..... HOLY SKITTLES.....This song has got me in my feels.... Honestly this whole album has had me in my feels and I have no idea how to feel anymore.... But this song..... This....... True, you can not speak it with anyone else..... Do not ruin yourself for that person...... Do not do it.... Do not be the tik tok, okay?

NUMBA ONCE-- invisible
: I have never even been to that park, and I live probably 25 minutes from it, wow.... who is this about because it sure is not about me and taylor ok i am done.... Joe is that you? I feel like this song is about him..... Now I send their babies presents? Is that what I heard??? Someone tell me I am wrong........ oK, this is about a JOe..... I know that for sure... Year 3000......

NUMBA DOCE-- mad woman
: So we that kind of mad woman........ We sing Taylor Swift on our way home, to be honest.... Lanauge Taylor, watch it.... I mean you did say all your exes would call you crazy... Or was that the starbucks lover thing? Whoa, this song is too much..... I think..... What is the meaning? Someone? Fire breathing woman? What the heck is this song, like honestly....

NUMBA TRECE- epiphany
: this song makes you forget you are actually in reality, and puts you in an alternate universe, and I am here for it to be honest. Honestly, some of these songs for this album I have no idea the meaning but I think we are all suppose to have different interpretations of it......or Am I wrong?

: I feel like this is the Taylor everyone has missed. I missed country Taylor, yesssss. I am so excited about this song...It is like the more mature version of Tim Mcgraw, but not really. When you are 17, you really do not know anything...... This song just makes me happy, sorry.... Even though it is about a relationship, I am just like singing along and after all the tears-- happy is good. We like ending kind of on a good note, to be honest.

: Rock Taylor Swift, is that you? What danger is near? Taylor is danger? I am confused...Die for you in secret? Who are we doing that for? This song is by far the weirdest one, sorry. But with the beat and how she waits a minute for a part of this...... I am very confused, someone help me. Please.

: I am okay with this ending, but like I would've loved for Betty to be the ending just because of how happy the instruments made me feel... Your faithless love is the only hoax I believe in, okay that just made me love this song.... That lyric was impeccable. We all leave a part of ourself in New York...... They always win, do they not? Okay, I take back when I said I was okay.... I Love this song, and the lyrics.... But it is a little like simple....Do not come for me on that, I wish Bon Iver was in this song as well... honestly...

Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me..... I had so much fun listening to the whole album, and reviewing it..... I honestly still think 1989 might be my favorite album.... Maybe Reptuation..... I have no idea, I just like those albums... Dress is one of my favorite songs.... When that album came out, I was like oooo Taylor is a wild child....So I was pretty happy with that, and the vibe she did... But this album is defining the culture of our generation and giving us a voice so I'll cheers to that.

Until next blog, be the unicorn of your life and go drink some wine while listening to folklore..... I think that is the vibe she intended, or I hope so. Also, thank you to the cousin for giving me this idea... If you have anymore music reviews you would like for me to do, please leave them in a comment down below. I Hope everyone is healing from this album.... honestly, this was by far going to start a Taylor Swift album review for the blog... Which one should I do next? Let me know! Xo

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