There are some things that just click for me. If you asked me how to write an expository essay, I can coach you through that easily in 5 minutes. If you were to ask me how to start a blog, I turn into a giddy little school girl and show you everything I know. I've always excelled in my English courses and performed pretty well in history, even though I only had one good teacher... ever...(thank you LaNier!). It all made sense to me. I've always been interested in writing and reading about people's lives. However, do you want to know what truly doesn't click for me? Science. Math. STEM.

I've realized that when approaching these subjects, it takes me three times as long for something to make sense. I'm not saying that I cannot do it- because I can. But, as I was in a class where they taught me how to teach science, I realized that I hopefully will never actually have to do it. There is nothing that came naturally to me in that setting at all.

As I'm reflecting on the class and finishing up last-minute assignments, I realized how grateful I am for what does come naturally to me. I absolutely love to write. I don't shy away from essays in school because I can't do them, it's because usually the prompt doesn't allow for much creativity and it's boring. I try to make every essay I write as thought-provoking and creative as possible. Sometimes that method doesn't take very well with rigid professors, but usually, they enjoy it. Recently, our editor Riley said that when she writes, she holds her self to the standard of asking herself if she's proud of her work. If she's proud, it gets published.

I love that. I love that she's proud of her work. Most of the time, I'm really proud of what I turn in. Sometimes, I finish an essay at 2 am after spending the night with friends watching an Avengers movie and I don't bother to proofread it. However, do you know that feeling where you're so sleepy and you're just typing and it feels like you're in a hazy state? Well, I've learned that you're most creative when you're about to fall asleep. So sometimes, that's when the genius ideas really come. You're also the most creative when you're in the shower and when you're driving. So basically the two times you're not able to write anything down. Thank God for Siri and the ability to say "Hey Siri, open notes" and then she types what you say.

Overall, I will pass this "how to teach science" class probably kicking and screaming. But I think it's important to know what your strengths are and how you can help other people through them. This isn't me putting myself out there to be a tutor, but if you need help- feel free to message me! How can you help others through passing the knowledge of what you know? Capitalize on the things that click for you and help those who'd rather kick and scream than do what you love.