Five Reasons To Be Jealous Of Newest Royal Baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
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Five Reasons To Be Jealous Of Newest Royal Baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

I mean, aside from the obvious: She's ROYALTY.

Five Reasons To Be Jealous Of Newest Royal Baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

On May 2, 2015, the world waited as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, went into labor with her second baby, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born at 8:34 a.m. Weighing 8 pounds, 3 ounces, Charlotte is the topic of discussion all around the world. Hours old and she's already stolen the hearts of all who follow the royal family.

Here are five reasons the new royal baby is perhaps the luckiest girl in the whole entire world:

1. She gets to have George as an older brother.

If there's anyone who could show the newest baby girl how to be royal, it's her older brother George. The first-born sass-master seemed just be born knowing he was someone important. George can teach his little sister how to perfect the bored stare when peasants are speaking, how to demand to be carried instead of being forced to walk like a commoner and which toys are worth keeping (i.e. putting in your mouth) and which don't even deserve to be in your presence. WIth his unbearably cute, chubby cheeks and better-than-you attitude, there's no doubt George will guide his new sister on what it really means to be a royal baby.

2. She gets Kate as a mother.

If the new baby is lucky, she'll take after her gorgeous mother. It's easy to see how Kate Middleton, famous for literally getting to live out every girl's dream of going from average girl to princess, was able to win over William's heart. She's smart, proper, intelligent and as pretty as they come, so it's no surprise William liked it enough to put a ring on it. With the living definition of beauty and grace raising her, Charlotte will definitely be learning from the best.

3. She will be Daddy's Little Princess (Literally).

Tons of girls consider themselves to be princesses in the eyes of their daddies. In Charlotte's case, she's not far off. Fourth in line for the throne, she will get to have all the perks of being a little princess, without actually having to worry about the responsibilities that come with inheriting the throne. Many dads spoil their daughters, but to have a future king as a father is on a whole new level.

4. The whole world will celebrate her.

When little girls think the world revolves around them, it's usually because they just don't know any better. Unlike normal girls, the new baby is kinda right about that one. When the whole country celebrates your birth, when parades of soldiers march through the streets, town criers announce your arrival, and Snapchat has a whole story dedicated to you, the world does slightly revolve around you, at least a little bit.


5. When things get tough, Uncle Harry will be there to cheer her up.

Undoubtedly, there will be times when being a royal baby will be a bit too much to handle. Paparazzi always in your face, cameras always flashing and people always expecting you to be the best—it can't be easy. Luckily, the new baby will have her fun-loving uncle to show her how to have a good time. Prince Harry, known for being the wild card of the royal family, used to be on the news all the time for his crazy, party-boy antics. At some times, he behaves more like your stereotypical frat boy than he does like someone who is in line for the crown, and we all love him for it. He's settled down a bit lately, but he'll definitely be there to teach his mischievous ways to George and the new baby girl.

Bonus: Because Prince George is literally perfection in baby form, here are a few extra GIFs showing off his sassy side.

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