If your parents are supporting you financially in college, good for you. But honestly, good luck after graduation.

Sure, with your parent's credit card the limit does not exist. You could buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Your gas tank will always be full. If there's something you want, you get it.

I hate to break it to you but when you enter the real world, you'll be in for a rude awakening.

Because not only will you have coasted through the last four years of your life on your parent's credit card, you will have to work for what you want. Something you may have never done. Or your parent's may let you borrow their card when "things are tough" post-graduation. I'm sorry, but that is just sad.

Be independent. Work for what you want. Don't just use your parents money because it's there. I've never had the ability to run up a credit card bill on my parent's account, but I am way prepared for the real world than you ever will be.

I'm not the only one who isn't dependent on their parents for funds. Think about your friend group, how many of your friends aren't taking a crazy spring break trip just because? Think of those friends, and think about how they may feel while you wave around your free spring break in their face. You may not realize what using your parent's credit card constantly will do to your spending habits, and when you graduate who knows if you'll have the income to support the luxurious life you've been living.

Being dependent isn't cool. If you're just using your parents for their money you need a serious reality check.

Whether you realize it or not, your parents look forward to getting phone calls from you when you're away at school. Your parents want to support you emotionally. The relationship you have shouldn't be just all about taking from them. Especially as an adult in college, you should realize there is more to the relationship you have with your parents than the money they shell out for you (if they do that.)

At this age, you should realize how much your parents have sacrificed for you and you should respect that. Charging their credit card for all your "needs" isn't necessarily respecting them for all they have done. If your parents want to help out here and there fine. Relying on them during college financially might get you a trip or two to the Caribbean, but it won't give you a strong relationship with your parents.

Spend time with your parents while you're at college. Make time to see them and visit home. This is the time of your life where you have all the free time in the world to do so. Your parents will appreciate if you take the time to be with them and someday you will too. Don't just rely on your parent's for spending money, it's wrong.

Charging your parent's credit card for everything won't teach you a thing about responsibility.

If you are someone who isn't dependent on their parents thank them. Then give yourself a pat on the back. It isn't easy to be financially independent while you're in college. But the lessons you learn from the struggle will prepare you better for the real world.

At some point, you will be grateful your parents didn't give you their credit card to solve all your problems.