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4 Ways To Fight Spring Fever And Finish Out The Semester Strong

Summer is so close, we can taste it.

4 Ways To Fight Spring Fever And Finish Out The Semester Strong

Spring break came and went. We got a little taste of warm weather but now it's time to finish strong. This is probably the hardest part of the school year because well summer is a month and a half away. The birds start to chirp, the sun comes out of hiding, you remember what grass looks like, it's perfect! Students are starting to come out of hibernation and are outside eating lunch, reading books and just soaking up the sun while it lasts. As the semester is coming to an end, it's hard to stay focused and motivated to finish the semester off with a bang. It's important to find a balance between friends, the warm weather and school work but, it can be done! Don't worry, we'll get through this rough time together!

1. Try walking everywhere!

One thing that has definitely helped me get through the semester has been walking. Walking everywhere and trying not to take the bus, even if it's by yourself! It's not only healthy, but it also allows you to clear your mind and just take in your surroundings. It's also a great way to take a break from studying and take your mind off school work for a little! Even if you don't have class, get out and walk around and take a long way! Walk with friends or by yourself, put on some boppin' tunes or just listen to the birds chirping. Either way, it's important to take walks and clear your mind.

2. Embrace the warm weather!

Don't think of the sun and the pretty flowers as a distraction, think of them as a motivator! Use the beautiful spring weather as a way to keep you motivated and happy. Try studying outside with your friends or by yourself to get your work done while still basking in the sun. Have fun with your friends and get ice cream, just make sure you can balance that with time for homework and study. Play fun games outside and be active because that will also help when it comes to focusing on your school work.

3. Plan out your semester!

Plan out the rest of your semester or just take it week by week. One thing that helps me the most when staying organized is writing everything down and color code it. Write out when all your tests, quizzes and finals are so that when it gets closer to the date, you can visually see it in your planner. Make a to-do list and cross things off, this helps to visually see that you are getting things done. If you have a paper to write, space it out by day so that way you only have to do a little each day rather than the whole paper in one day.

4. Don't forget how you got here!

When your losing motivation or just not feeling it, remember how far you've come and how hard you've worked all summer. You worked your ass off all year long so don't give up at the end! Rember why you're here and what you're working towards and use all of that as motivation to end the school year strong.

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