How To Feel At Home While Living Out Of A Backpack
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How To Feel At Home While Living Out Of A Backpack

Try These 5 Proven Ways To Feel At Home On The Road

How To Feel At Home While Living Out Of A Backpack

School is over and summer is upon us. Whether you're a hard-working, lucky bastard like yours truly who travels the world while working, or you're off to Europe for the summer, feeling homesick is inevitable. Even if you're totally in love with your new surroundings, the thought of that greasy cheese pizza shop back home you run to got comfort will creep up late at night. I've lived on the road for extended periods of time and trust me, I've been through the emotional roller coaster. Here is my best advice on how to feel at home while living out of a backpack.

1. Exercise Outside

Not only will exercise chemically boost your mood thanks to precious endorphins, it will make you feel grounded. I run outside because it helps me explore my area better. Whether in the Dominican Republic jungle or in downtown New York, I lace my shoes up and cover lots of ground that way. Exercising gives me a sense of ownership of my new surroundings.

Tourists don't spend time exercising but exists do. Building a solid routine is essential abroad. Travel can bring a lot of uncertainty, so having exercise as a constant in your day will minimize the sense of missing home and make you feel stronger both physically and emotionally. If you hate running, try any other type of exercise. It's the idea that's important.

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2. Journal

Living out of a backpack mess with your head. Whenever I spend more than three weeks on the road, I get moody. That's because I don't have my personal bubble. When you travel, you socialize with others all the time and naturally, it gets tiring. If you feel like you want to crawl into a hole, journal about it. That will help you remember how lucky you are and how hard you've worked to make travel a reality.

Your mood will improve as you organize your thoughts. The journal entries don't have to be long either. One concise sentence is just as good as a three-page essay. Not only will journaling relax you and help organize thoughts, but this notebook will be the best travel souvenir you can possibly get.

3. Cook

Another great way to feel ownership of your location when living out of a backpack is to cook for yourself. Plus, it's much healthier than eating out every night. I make very basic things such as eggs and avocado, salads and quinoa. It makes me feel at home on location and keeps me feeling healthy. Sharp changes in diet are super confusing on the body. When I spent a month eating only fried things because such is the culture in the Dominican Republic, my body wasn't happy. Cook whenever possible to ensure that your body works right and to feel like you belong.

4. Meditate

Meditation is an excellent way to soothe your mind and understand your feelings. Just ten minutes a day help a ton. You don't have to just sit on the floor cross-legged trying to empty your head. You can think about whatever you like. Just observe your thoughts and be mindful of your feelings. Do you feel irritable? Is it something a day alone on a hike can solve? Are you done traveling? If you are, it's good to understand that and stop forcing it. In most cases, it's external factors and the lack of comfort that cause mood swings, so meditation is a perfect way to determine how you feel and feel good in your head.

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5. Volunteer in the local community

This is one of my personal favorite ways to get to know a place. You'll feel at home in no time, once all the locals know your name. Building a good reputation will make you feel like you're a part of your new society. Helping to improve your host area will make you feel fulfilled. It really is a win-win. You can do all kinds of things to be of help. Sure, building houses is great, but it doesn't stop there. You can do photography, teach a foreign language, babysit, make clothes or produce YouTube videos and create GoFundMe campaigns.

6. Turn your Wifi off

Don't expect to feel at home in a foreign place if your're constantly on your phone, following your friends back home. Leaving a geographical area physically is easy these days, but leaving it mentally is a whole other story. Do yourself a favor and disconnect. Talk to fellow travelers instead. I guarantee you that there are at least two other people around you at any given moment who feel the same way. Be aware of your surroundings and listen to others. That's the best way to feel at home while leaving out of a backpack.

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