As this new year is beginning I've been reflecting a lot about the ups and downs this year. I finished my first year of college, after a very rough school year. Had the summer to spend with family and collect my thoughts. Decided to commute, and started the school year with a refreshed mind. Now thinking back, I wish I would've been more present and taken more risks.

You see, I'm a pretty anxious person. About, well everything. I think this last year I let my fear get in the way a little too much. For example, when I didn't say what I wanted to say in class or when I missed out on a possibly great friendship because I was afraid of talking to the person next to me. Or when I didn't go to a football game because I was too afraid to ask friends to go with me or thinking I would be a bother. They were small things but things that held me back from having memories.

There were also bigger fears that have stopped me from moving forward.

My mission this year is to not let fear get in the way. I am aware that that fear will come but I get to choose my actions and how I react. You know, my friend once told me that the Bible says "Do not fear" 365 times, one reminder for each day of the year. I found so much comfort in that. God knew we would face fearful situations, big or small, on a daily basis but reminds us that He is with us.

Those verses are the ones that give me the most comfort, the ones that say not to fear. My trust is in God and I know things will work out according to His perfect plan.

So I'm starting this year with a positive mindset and ready for what the year brings. I'm excited for new adventures, new friendships, and all the craziness that life brings. And I will not let fear get in the way.

Happy 2019!! Wishing you the best from the bottom of my heart.