10 Family-Friendly Affordable Spring Break Vacation Spots
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10 Family-Friendly Spring Break Vacation Spots That Won't Wipe Out Your Budget

Everyone should be allowed to enjoy their vacation without depleting their savings account.


Spring break is the wildest, loudest, most exciting time of the year for college students, families, and just about anyone. After the pressures of school, work, and other things in life that drives us mad, we need to find a spot to go for spring break. The difficult part is choosing a location that will not send your budget off the high dive into oblivion. However, there is a way everyone can have a fun time without the fear of financial issues. Here are 10 spring break vacation spots even college students will love.

1. Virginia

Here is a nice spot to chill (if you can avoid contact with politicians) during spring break. Visiting historical landmarks in Washington D.C. and the Cherry Blossom Festival are fun activities. Make sure to stay and watch the fireworks. Check out the culture, history, and science at the Smithsonian Museum of 19 museums and galleries. This is a popular destination for tourists and might be of interest to many students, especially those who are majoring in history or political science.

2. Jamaica

If you are looking to party with your friends during spring break (and who isn't), then here is an awesome destination to go. Some cool locations include the Beaches Bosobel Resort or water park. If you prefer a less crazy activity, there is always the Golf Club. You will never be hungry or thirsty because there are five restaurants and six bars to visit when you need a break from all the outdoor fun.

3. Seattle, Washington

If you like shopping or want to get some unique souvenirs to take back with you, then you will love this vacation spot. The Pike Place Market has around 200 stores and restaurants to check out. If you enjoy fine artwork, then the Frye Art Museum is another good place to visit. Although the Space Needle is an impressive structure, the best way to get an awesome view of the city and landscape is from the Sky View Observatory.

4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If you want an alternative to the usual vacation spot in Cancun, then you definitely will love the beaches here. The atmosphere is amazing and there is so much to see and do. If you decide to go as a group, check out the Tank-Ha Dive Center for scuba diving. You can explore the beautiful waters and reefs before going for a walk around the city.

5. Willemstad, Curacao

The Caribbean is an attractive and desirable spot for vacation. College students and families will enjoy walking along the beaches, going for a swim, and exploring the landscapes. Enjoy a cold beverage by the pool, try your luck at the casino, or indulge at one of the many restaurants. With so many entertaining activities, you will never be bored at this destination.

6. Puerto Vallarta

This is another nice and affordable destination in Mexico that is both exclusive and refined. There are multiple restaurants and hotels to fit your accommodations. Other activities include visiting one of the local bars for a cocktail or partying with friends at a nightclub. Take your pick and enjoy everything this location has to offer.

7. Cabo San Lucas

If you came here in the 70s, one of the things you would discover is the large number of Hollywood celebrities that enveloped this location. Now it is filled with tourists that come to see all the beautiful golf courses and villas. Get a massage at the spa or enjoy a day at the beach. There is a chance that you will see both famous people and college students taking in the atmosphere of this fantastic vacation spot.

8. New Orleans

Even if you cannot make it to Mardi Gras (which is another fun event with performances, music, and a parade), this is one of the best places for college students and families to go for spring break. Listen to the variety of entertaining music available including blues, jazz, and rock. Try the local cuisine, bars, the French Quarter (to see colonial historic sites), and explore the area. Despite unfortunate disasters in the past from hurricanes, this is a place that still manages to flourish, making it a cool spot to visit.

9. Daytona

Try not to freak out, but this location features a beachfront that is 20 miles long. If that does not excite you, Orlando is only an hour away from the beach. This is the perfect spot for those who love fast cars or motor vehicle in general since it features the Daytona International Speedway. However, no matter what your hobbies include, the local attractions, museums, parks, and atmosphere are enough to make your vacation worthwhile.

10. The Bahamas

The most desired choice during spring break by families and college students would be this destination. It contains gorgeous beaches (700 islands), retail stores, scuba excursions, and more. Watch the sunset, book a hotel, take photos of the wildlife, or go for a delicious meal at one of the exotic restaurants. Have a good time and make the memories last.

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