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15 Fandom-Inspired Outfits Fangirls Need As The Leaves Start To Fall

Your passion for your fandom doesn't have to be restricted to online chat rooms, or so bold as to wear full cosplay.

15 Fandom-Inspired Outfits Fangirls Need As The Leaves Start To Fall

Pumpkin spiced things, dried leaves, and the color "rust" usually come to mind when the fall season comes around. But that's a narrow view on the season, especially since typical fall trends are not everyone's jam. Though I love the season, I am not about to completely change my wardrobe for it.

My style is what I call "upscale nerdy". My fandom inspired outfits earn me compliments year-round and I feel "in my element" when I am proudly displaying my core interests through what I wear. Everyone is inspired by something and for me it's books, movies, and TV shows.

So let's get to it and explore some fandom outfits that you can incorporate into your attire this fall season:

Mother Of Dragons.

Flickr Creative Commons

In the spirit of the "Emmy Awards" show results how about three Game Of Thrones characters to take a fashion note from. Of course, we start this off with Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, and her black dress. You too can achieve this stunning and commanding look.

First off, you could wear an infinity dress and tie the torso straps to match the draping of her dress. For this, some pins may be involved to secure the folds, but it will be stunning. First put the dress straps over your shoulders, then take the right strap and fan it out to recreate the draping folds. Pin the straps to the waistband to hold their position, and then bring both straps under the right arm and over the left shoulder. Secure the waist with a firm, wide belt. Use a brooch or large decorative pin to hold the draping fabric to the left shoulder's main strap.

Before The Wall.

Next up is a look inspired by a pre-Night's Watch Jon Snow. Start with an olive or dark mossy green sweater that is either knit or corded in stitching. Pair with a hunter green or evergreen colored skirt, black leggings (I suggest footed ones by Spanx), black below-the-knee boots, a grey knit or faux fur scarf, and a wide black belt. This is a great earth tone outfit that isn't the standard green coat, over large rust-colored sweater-dress, and Uggs. Of course, you can accessorize with a silver wolf necklace, a ring, or maybe even treat yourself to an official merchandise messenger bag.

I Drink And I Know Things.

Wikimedia Commons

Third, and in no way last place, is Tyrion Lannister. Going for a slightly bolder color scheme for an evening out? Wear a maroon or wine colored coat over a black and charcoal patterned dress. Pull on some closely matching wine or maroon leggings, lace up your black heels, and accessorize with a gold handbag and necklace. This outfit is wonderful because of the darker red colors that are commonly associated with Fall, and it is not restricted to seasonal wearing.

Baddest Witch In Town.


Speaking of "hot topic" and buzzing TV shows, let's take a moment to recognize "American Horror Story". The new season has begun! I promise not to ruin anything for anyone who isn't caught up! The season that really captured me with its clothing choices was "Coven".

The use of black and white for all occasions was wonderful and gave me so many ideas. Cordelia's white 3/4 sleeve white blouse with black collar and a long black skirt had me at first glance. It was simple yet elegant. Of course, her black turtleneck and floral print skirt stands out in my memory as well. The characters may not exactly be role models, but they can be great for outfit inspiration.

Han Solo.


Plenty joke that fall is the "Solo season" because of all the ladies wearing white long-sleeves, vests, and Uggs. But let's take that seriously for a second and class it up. Black jeans with a white long sleeve shirt or sweater is a great start. Now add a nice fly-away sweater vest or cardigan in charcoal grey or dark brown. With knee-high brown leather boots, and a studded belt, you're good to go. Try adding a brown leather watch.

When people joke about "Solo" season, look them straight in the eyes and say, "Sorry sweetheart. I haven't got time for anything else." Not only is it a great reference to "The Empire Strikes Back" but it's also a great response to comments about being single. Own your outfit!


Though it is winter in Narnia when Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus, an outfit inspired by his color palette would make a cozy addition to your Fall collection. A cream knit sweater and red-brown jeans are well accented by a red knit scarf and brown leather Oxford shoes.

This outfit is great for those looking for an earth tone outfit that is not on the green side of the spectrum. It is a warm but light ensemble. He may seem like an odd character to base an outfit off of, but for those of you who are more excited about the holiday season, this is a great outfit to get you in the holiday mood without being called out for wearing themed sweaters before December.

Understated American Hero.


Peggy Carter always supported Steve Rogers (Captain America), never tried to hold him back, or compromise on what she thought was right and necessary. Even as they were on the phone with each other, right before Steve thought he was going to die, she kept her cool and bantered with him until the call dropped.

Peggy is a strong woman, who has her priorities straight. In the "Captain America" movie, she wears a greenish brown skirt with a matching military coat, a white button-up shirt, brown leather belt, and matching brown leather shoes. Now I'm not saying that you should go to all the trouble of making or buying a military style coat to go with the outfit, but you can find similar coats during the Fall.

The idea is to be inspired by Carter and her outfit, not necessarily cosplay as her. A white or cream button up shirt that has a collar, will not be hard to find. Instead of a brown skirt, consider a moss green one. With some brown leather shoes and a wide brown belt, your outfit is complete. Maybe sneak in a Captain America purse or pin to round out the look. Agent Carter also has her own Marvel TV series which could be a great source of other late 1940s outfit ideas.


This TV show is a wonderful source of fashion inspiration all around. Without picking a specific character or outfit to emulate, let's focus instead on the signature tartans.

First off, there was an official clothing line launched between Hot Topic and Torrid. Not all of the items originally launched in the collection are still purchasable, but some are still available through both stores. Hot Topic still carries the MacKenzie tartan belted wrap which is an incredibly cozy and beautiful coat to wear this fall.

Torrid carries the Fraser tartan cape which is reversible! Claire's swing coat is still up for sale on Torrid's website as well, and it would be a great coat to wear with any fall or winter outfit. Check out their websites to see what else is still available. I suggest emulating some of this show's styles because the colors work well for both fall and winter seasons and, overall, the apparel for Outlander looks cozy and comfortable.

 Represent Your School.

Flickr Creative Commons

No, I'm not talking about your high school or university. I'm talking about your wizarding school and house. Wearing Hogwarts inspired outfits is different because it's not necessarily based off of a particular character, it's more about the house colors. Take this Slytherin inspired outfit for example. Dark green knit sweater, black jeans, a Slytherin scarf, and black boots. Easy to accessorize with a silver watch and a silver-grey knit beanie. Houses like Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw do not have nearly as much official merchandise made for them, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your house with pride. All you've got to do is get a little more creative.


Speaking of cozy and comfortable, how about considering a Neville Longbottom outfit? He may not be the "Chosen One", but he was always rocking some awesome patterned sweaters! This look is simple and easy: blue jeans, earth toned patterned sweater, brown leather shoes, maybe a brown leather purse to match, and Gryffindor themed accessories.

Neville grew into his bravery and should not be overlooked. This is a great way to still express your love of the Wizarding World without being too obvious.

Everyday Wonder Woman. 


Not only is Wonder Woman incredible, but the most recent movie was striking and inspiring on a whole new level. Don't let your passion for her fade just because of the change of the leaves. Got a special presentation to give or a more formal event to attend? Wear some bold blue slacks, a red blouse, and a white overcoat or a blazer. Of course, gold-colored accessories will complete the look. Feel the confidence rise within you and radiate your power while wearing this bold look.

 Wardrobe Wallflower.

"The Perks Of Being A Wallflower"is a masterpiece in book and movie form. This promotional photo for the movie inspired some outfit ideas of my own. I love the Carhart-like jackets combined with the plaid button-ups and dark washed jeans. The patches on Patrick's (played by Ezra Miller) jacket add an eccentric flare. I love the dark purple and black patterned dress that Sam (played by Emma Watson) is wearing too. It seems so average and simple, yet their outfits stand out and grab attention; not unlike the source material.

 I'm Going On An Adventure!

Flickr Creative Commons

The movies may be complete, but we aren't done with the realm of J.R.R. Tolkien quite yet. Looking for clothing inspiration that has more layers for those breezier days? Look to Bilbo Baggins. His classic attire is a white button up, green sweater vest, maroon overcoat, and tan pants. Add tan ankle boots and a leather backpack and you too will look ready for an adventure. This is an easy going and comfortable outfit that's good for traveling.

 Servant To Prince Arthur.

There are plenty of movies, and TV shows about the legendary wizard Merlin. Though for this section I am focusing on the BBC TV series that lasted from 2008 to 2012. For those who aren't familiar with the series, it focuses on Merlin as a young man instead of an old, sage-like warlock. It is an interesting fantasy, adventure show. His iconic outfit in this series is his blue long sleeve shirt, with a rust-colored belted wrap, brown pants, red scarf, and brown leather belt and boots. The blue shirt pairs surprisingly well with the darker brown and rust tones.

Of course, you could add in some fantasy themed jewelry. Merlin is an endearing and relatable character throughout the series and is well worth the praise through emulation.


The CW

When the Winchesters get brought up, it usually conjures up an image of the two brothers in their flannels or plaids. That may seem the natural choice for fall fashion, but I will instead direct you to these great Dean and Sam outfits that do not involve flannel or plaid.

Blue jeans are a staple for their outfits. Next comes the button up shirts. Sam tends to wear Carhart style jackets, whereas Dean usually goes with black leather jackets. Both wear sturdy boots. Add a necklace or bracelet for accents. The green button-up looks great with the black leather jacket. On the other hand, if I wanted a little more color, I would go with Sam's maroon button up and brown coat.

We look to TV shows and movies for entertainment and inspiration all the time. This is only a small sampling of the possibilities, so next time you're watching something, take note of the clothes that catch your eye. Think about how you can incorporate them into your own collection.

You'll get a rush when someone recognizes what you're emulating with your outfit, and you may even make a new friend because of it.

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