Experts Weigh In On Accuracy Of Invisible Aligners
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Experts Weigh In On Accuracy Of Invisible Aligners

Clear Aligners have been around since Align Technology pioneered the system in 1998 with their main product: Invisalign. Formulated to initially solve cases of low and moderate teeth crowding or separation, it has since evolved into treating even more complex malocclusions by including elastics.

Accuracy Of Invisible Aligners

Clear Aligners have been around since Align Technology pioneered the system in 1998 with their main product: Invisalign. Formulated to initially solve cases of low and moderate teeth crowding or separation, it has since evolved into treating even more complex malocclusions by including elastics. A recent review on the accuracy of invisible aligners showed that they are highly effective in treating mild to moderate malocclusions, with less accurate results for complex teeth-straightening issues.

In what has become a burgeoning market because of increased teeth misalignments and greater interest from consumers, at-home clear aligner sales are expected to reach $10.04 billion in 2028.

A quick online search showed almost 30 different clear aligner products on offer for orthodontic treatment. Historically, Invisalign has been the leader in the market until their patents ran out, and companies like Byte, Candid, AlignerCo, and DirectSmileClub started offering customers the convenience of at-home clear aligner teeth straightening treatments.

Clear Aligner Accuracy

Dentists and orthodontists were the first people to attest to the accuracy of Invisalign since the clear aligner therapy was initially only available as an in-office treatment. However, they did find it challenging to treat patients with more severe overbites and other difficult issues. Align Technology offered them a solution by introducing elastics for those cases.

Since Invisalign proved accurate in milder cases, there was no reason why millions of teenagers and adults worldwide could not use clear aligners to correct their smiles discreetly at home. The cost of at-home clear aligners is much less than Invisalign and traditional braces. These at-home clear aligners also offer a faster correction time and save them the inconvenience of dental office visits.

Clear aligner accuracy depends on meeting the promises these providers of the treatments make and the results. Concerns about treatment duration, cost, duration, comfort, and access to an expert are significant concerns. But one of the largest is accuracy.

Treatment Duration

At-home clear aligners promise a shorter treatment duration, depending on the teeth straightening required. The course of these treatments vary according to the problem and the company producing the clear aligners, but in general, they last between 3 months and a year. Some companies like Byte and Smile Direct Club also have overnight clear aligners for those wanting a more discreet treatment. Byte also includes the HyberByte high-frequency device, making it a faster method.


For many consumers, at-home clear aligners offer them the convenience of not requiring regular in-office visits. These clear aligners allow them to perfect their misaligned teeth, whether they live in a remote location or prefer not to take time off from work to visit an orthodontist or dentist.


At-home clear aligners are far cheaper than in-office teeth straightening treatments, making them far more affordable. This does not mean the clear aligners are made from inferior materials, nor do you forfeit the involvement of a trained dentist or orthodontist. Companies like

Byte, EZ Smile, and Smilepath offer consumer support to address any issues and offer guidance.


AT-home aligner kits are prescribed according to the scans or impressions consumers send to the manufacturer. A dentist or orthodontist makes the diagnosis and treatment plan before creating the kit that includes the customized clear aligners and the treatment period. Consumers have access to these licensed professionals when they need to address any problems or issues.

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Braces vs. Invisalign vs. At-home Clear Aligners

So what IS the best treatment on the market for crooked teeth? Well, it all depends on the severity of the condition. Orthodontists who are asked this question agree that for more complex teeth problems, proper testing and fitting of traditional braces by a dentist give the best result. More complex issues do require long-term treatment time.

With the advent of computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, Invisalign was able to offer a more aesthetically focused alternative to the clunky, embarrassing, and uncomfortable nightmare of having to wear braces. Still needing to be fitted and monitored in-office by a dental professional, Invisalign also came at a MUCH higher price than braces.

Unsurprisingly, teenagers and adults prefer the convenience of clear aligners; they can be taken out for better oral hygiene or to enjoy a meal.

Expiring Invisalign patents gave rise to the at-home clear aligner market. The convenience of being able to fix your smile at home is undisputed. If consumer reviews are to be an accurate guide, then it would seem at-home clear aligners are deemed a top-choice for consumers because of faster treatment times, lower cost, and convenience.

Finding The Right Solution in Australia

Determining the accuracy of at-home clear aligners is more difficult because there isn’t any available research material. However, judging from thousands of honest consumer reviews online and the efforts of Clear Aligner Hub, the online reviewer of at-home orthodontic treatments, the majority of consumers are happy with the results. Clear Aligners are available in Australia now. The reviews are a great place to get an accurate view on clear aligners. Here’s a fresher perspective on clear aligners in Australia.

A Final Thought

A smile causes a chemical reaction in the brain, which releases dopamine and serotonin, relieving stress. Smiles are necessary for feeling good. Given the sheer amount of clear aligners on the market, and now that we’ve established they’re pretty accurate in helping fix smiles, there’s absolutely no reason to have to hide yours.

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