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I won't deny it. At least 80% of my clothes were bought at Old Navy. Seriously. I absolutely love that store, and not just for the mom jeans. Although, their jeans are super comfy. Old Navy is full of awesome and adorable clothes at affordable prices! Not a sponsor. (But if Old Navy wanted to sponsor me, I wouldn't say no...)

As a college student who is always looking for good deals, Old Navy really delivers. Clothes are ridiculously overpriced, but Old Navy does not rip you off. I appreciate the honesty and reliability I get when shopping at Old Navy, the true MVP.

I think more college students need to ditch the designer brands and head to Old Navy. Like, right now.

1. Amazing prices

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Old Navy has ridiculously good prices. Things are ALWAYS on sale. Even if it just came out last week, it's on sale. It's easy to find great deals and match it up with the store credit you get every time you shop. It's a great shopping option for a college student budget.

2. Generous sizing

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People are often a bit self-conscious about their weight, but at Old Navy you don't have to be! Normally, an Extra Large? Come to Old Navy and fit perfectly into a Medium! Sizes run really big, so you will feel great about the clothes you are fitting into. Way to go Old Navy, boosting self-esteem right and left.

3. Fashionable patterns

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Every few months Old Navy puts out a new set of patterns and uses them for everything. If you like a pattern, get ready to find four blouses, three dresses, and two pairs of pants with that same pattern. It can get a bit excessive, but when you find that pattern you love, it's magical.

4. Great accessories

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Not only does Old Navy have amazing clothing, they also have awesome accessories like shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and tote bags. If you want to pull together a whole outfit in a day, Old Navy's got your back.

5. It's just the best, ok

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Just go, ok. If you've never been to Old Navy, it's time to check it out. Please! They have locations all over the place, so odds are there's one near you. They don't get nearly enough credit for the styles and deals they provide.

I know Old Navy might not be the most glamorous place to shop, but does that really matter? Thrift shopping has made a comeback among college student in recent years, showing that students really don't care as much about the label as they used to. Old Navy is not "lame", it's great. So if you're like me and most of your closet is full of Old Navy brand items, you don't have to be ashamed. Wear your reasonably priced mom jeans with pride and tell your friends about your finds. If you don't own any Old Navy items, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get styling as soon as possible!

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