Exclusive Interview: Tritonal Kicks Off Horizon Tour at Brooklyn Hangar
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Exclusive Interview: Tritonal Kicks Off Horizon Tour at Brooklyn Hangar

Opening Up About Change, New Music and Drug-Addiction

Exclusive Interview: Tritonal Kicks Off Horizon Tour at Brooklyn Hangar
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Austin-based producer/DJ duo Tritonal have traveled across North America, playing countless festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and performing their Untouchable and Painting with Dreams tour and they are officially back on the road with The Horizon Tour with Seven Lions and Kill the Noise. Active since 2008, Tritonal has over six Billboard Dance Airplay top ten singles and over 200 productions and remixes as well as their own radio show Tritonia. Their fast-tempo, uplifting melodies have won listeners worldwide and built a signature sound that follows their music as it continuously evolves.

Kicking off The Horizon Tour at The Brooklyn Hangar on 10/26, the duo, comprised of Chad Cisneros and David Reed, opened up about their changing musical style, whispering of a new album and drug-addiction. Check out the interview below:

So how are you guys doing?

Chad: Busy! We just landed and came right here.

To my understanding, this is the first show that kicks off the Horizon Tour! How excited are you guys?

Dave: We were looking at photos of this place before, like this is gonna be super fun. It's a huge warehouse here.

Chad: We've been playing New York for a long time so we've done a lot of different venues. Terminal Five the last two times, Electric Zoo, Pacha and all the clubs like Marquee. We've been coming to New York for a minute, so this is a new experience.

Tritonal, Kill the Noise and Seven Lions is quite a different, but impressive combo. How did the three of you come together?

Dave: We just like the fact that not only do we love these guys...I mean, we go way back with Jeff (Seven Lions). He remixed one of the tracks off our older album, "Still With Me" . We think that all of us have a different kind of sound that fits into one tour.

Chad: I think every act is different which is neat on a tour. The cross-pollination and synergy seem to be cool so we'll see how it goes.The fans get a lot out of one ticket.

You guys released several singles this year — Wild Kind, Strangers, Hey Mamama and Good Thing. Were these ongoing projects or tracks conceived during the year?

Chad: "Strangers" was not written during the album cycle. A very different record for Tritonal -- very urban, very stripped back and just more of a mature radio sound. It's nothing that we ever intended to be like a live, huge record in our sets. It was always supposed to be a sexy song. "Good Thing" is the same way; it's just happier and not as dark.

We're writing so much new music we actually have already another album's worth of material for 2018. We're sitting on seven singles that are ready. We did some new songs for the tour that are just for the show. There's one with Seven Lions and Kill the Noise. Jeff’s gonna play that one tonight.

You may have heard of Sultan + Shephard. They’re cool guys. Anyway we wrote a record with them "Ready" that we're going to open up the tour with every night. We also did a remix of Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth.

A lot of new music.

Chad: We're just writing what we think are good songs and letting the chips fall where they may. It's the fucking wild west in the music industry right now. It's like write something different unique and cool as opposed to write electro because you’re electro.

So should we be expecting a new album 2018?

Chad: I think I can say yes.

How did you come up with the butterfly motif for your latest album Painting with Dreams? How involved are you guys with the artwork?

Dave: We're 100 percent involved with the artwork because it actually means something between not only us, but who we are as people in life. Butterflies symbolize change, coming with new things and where life is going.

Chad: Our album Metamorphic was us coming from trance into commercial progressive house. Before we were straight up like Anjunabeats, Armada. We chose the word metaphor because of its meaning and change and knowing consciously that we didn't want to hide it. We're like, "fuck no we're going to own it". You're going to get backlash and you're going to get people who don’t like that because they feel like you're trashing or dissing the very people who made you popular and that's never why or what we were trying to do.

We were inspired by new things. And so I'm glad we were open and conscious of that decision. The butterfly is such a beautiful symbolic creature for life, almost like the flower of the animal kingdom. So for us it's awesome to know who we are when we write a record that's more pop leaning. We know who we are in the lyrics and the emotion and the chord progressions. And I feel like we take that through all the different styles that we do.

You can still hear that it's Tritonal and that's cool. I mean. When you hear it when you think about a band that we love so much like Coldplay. You don't think about tempo and you don't think about like a BPM or like a specific instrument. So that's kind of the way we're trying to approach our music.

That's cool. Lots of respect for all the types of music Tritonal has gone through.

Chad: We did an Austin trance throwback a few months ago. One night we did all the Tritonal trance classics and the other night we did a sort of modern set. Got to go back and experience all those Oceanlab and great records and live that again.

I want to digress from the music and talk about something that readers might not know. Chad, I heard you have an incredible recovery story to share.

Chad: I was a straight up an addict and alcoholic. I was in a place where I ultimately became broken, not only emotionally but also physically and financially. My turning point was just coming to a place where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'd made a decision to surround myself with people doing real recovery and and work in a real program. I made a huge change from the way that I treat other people, the way that I treat myself and my outlook on life. It's a message of hope and joy and that people can change. I'm a living testament -- almost 11 years sober -- that you can go from that place to now doing what Dave and I do, which is basically living our dream.

The way that I live that out here on planet Earth is I'm still really involved in recovery. I still sponsor guys and I'm involved financially in a treatment center, a detox center and a hospital. We have sober homes for men and women. We have an inpatient and outpatient facility. It's awesome to be able to use finances and things that we're now blessed with to turn around and invest in things that can actually help.

That's incredible! Thanks for sharing. So you guys formed in 2008 and next year is going to be Tritonal's 10 year anniversary. Why do you think you guys have been able to work so well and so long together?

Chad: It's because we're totally yin and yang. Dave helps me sit back and be more patient and vice versa for me to pull Dave out of his shell. I think that those two personality types go well together.

Thanks so much for chatting with us. Look forward to the show tonight!

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