Exclusive Interview: A Sneak-peek into Martin Solveig's 2018 Plans
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Exclusive Interview: A Sneak-peek into Martin Solveig's 2018 Plans

First album in seven years, reflecting on 20 years in the scene and his secret passion.

Exclusive Interview: A Sneak-peek into Martin Solveig's 2018 Plans
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Martin Solveig knows how to throw a party. In fact, he's been doing it for the past 20 years. You know Martin as the mastermind behind "Hello" with Dragonette, dance anthem hit "Intoxicated," and "Places." The French DJ, producer and songwriter has been pushing some of the catchiest dance music in the scene and showcasing his tasteful and poignant curation of visual and musical talent through a diversity of outlets -- producing on Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' to playing his weekly residency in Ibiza. Now, he's back with a new album, new parties and more fun.

Martin's Tour Dates: https://www.facebook.com/MartinSolveig/app/123966167614127/

Check out the interview below:

What exciting projects do you have in the works right now?

One of the most if not the most exciting project: I’m working a new album. The last one was released seven years ago, so I felt the need to express myself again through this format. Releasing only singles was not enough, I really wanted to build up a whole new musical project, to work on a musical identity, a musical language, it’s one the best adventure really. A bit like a director who would only have done videos to finally start a feature film.

You’ve been in the music scene for 20 years now! What have been some of the most valuable takeaways from all these years?

They’re most often memories from shows I played. Being in front of people in festivals and clubs is the final step of my work, definitely its climax. That’s why my first Coachella, my first Olympia in Paris, the openings of Le Palace and Les Bains in the 90’s playing alongside Todd Terry or Kenny Dope, more recently my residency at Pacha Ibiza are really special moments that I’ll never forget.

Can you talk about the production behind your latest single “All Stars”?

From "Intoxicated" to "All Stars," my musical challenge was to use both acoustic and electronic elements. In "All Stars," for instance, there’s a live bass, brass and strings section. The aim was to reach a high level of energy without using plug-ins. It was also really great collaborating with Alma who is such a talented and promising artist.

You have one of the most distinct aesthetics in the electronic scene. Where do you get your visual inspiration from?

I’m truly into visual arts, I’m really interested by all its forms. I consider my work as a whole. When I’m making music, images and visuals come at the same time. That’s why you can feel that distinct aesthetics in my videos or through my social medias.

As you’re gearing up for another round of 'My House’ parties, what changes or new additions have you made to previous years?

This summer season is going to be a bit different for me in Ibiza this year. I have a new concept with Pacha, can’t tell you a lot more about it right now except that it’s gonna be awesome.

The EDM scene is incredibly diverse right now with fans being more open than ever to new artists and sounds. Is there a particular genre or artist that you think is really blowing up currently?

Lots of artists are blowing up right now, I think of Anthony and Cleopatra, Louis The Child, The Blaze, Tom Demac, and many more. There’s a strong thirst for upcoming artists and new music so it helps them to emerge.

What direction are you aiming to take your sound in 2018?

The idea has been the same for the past 20 years. To reach a certain level of musical modernity you’ve got to be in tune with new technologies, new hardware and use them the best you can to enhance your own sound.

What is a lesser-known fact that fans wouldn’t know about you?

I’m not a material person but I have to admit I have a passion for vintage watches. Some of mine are older than I am, they carry their own story. We live in a world where swiping and scrolling instantly have become our everyday life. That’s maybe why I like antiques in general, there’s something a bit mystic nowadays with things that go through time without being altered by it.

Is there a venue, country or festival that you haven’t yet toured, but want to?

I’ve never been to India, I get a lot of messages from there and hear a lot about it so I’m thinking about visiting this great country soon.

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