Mab & Stoke's Tina Wells On Oprah And White-Led Brands

Entrepreneurs Of Color: Mab & Stoke's Tina Wells On Oprah, Herbal Beauty, And White-Led Agencies

The CMO, author, founder, and business strategist also happens to have the greatest self-care tips.

Tina Wells

As an Indian woman, wellness has always been rooted in my beauty routine — from a daily dose of glow-inducing turmeric in every meal at the dinner table to the coconut oil my grandmother still massages into my hair.

Wellness and beauty used to exist as completely separate industries and entities. But about a decade ago, the lines slowly began to blur. At the forefront of pioneering that movement has been Mab & Stoke, creators of the "mab tab," a nickel-sized tab you drop into your tea, coffee, water, or whatever your drink of choice may be (I like them with coconut water) to add an extra boost of energy and immunity to your day.

What's more is Mab & Stoke has had an incredible ability to foster a sense of community amongst its fans and followers of like-minded people with a wellness-first attitude to beauty that truly starts with nurturing our insides. Perhaps the biggest advocate for the incredible brand storytelling is Mab & Stoke CMO Tina Wells — this, however, is her story:

What is the story you hope to tell with Mab & Stoke as a brand?

So many people go through life just existing, trying to get to the next day. At Mab & Stoke, we want people to feel wildly alive. We also want people to take control of their health, and stay well. We also believe that good health shouldn't be a luxury that's inaccessible to most people.

Through our very specific blends, we take the guesswork out of herbal remedies and deliver the easiest solution for daily dosing. You can drop the Mab Tab in any drink and enjoy it.

What has been your biggest challenge and highlight as an entrepreneur?

I spent over 20 years running an agency focused on consumer packaged goods. My biggest challenge was always around the allocation of resources — human, financial, and time.

My biggest highlight was building the Super Soul 100 for Oprah Winfrey Network. Definitely my biggest career moment!

How much does coming from a marginalized community play into the way you conduct business on a day-to-day basis?

Even as a teenaged entrepreneur, I understood that knowledge was power. So I made sure I knew more about millennials than anyone else. In my early days, my agency conducted more research, garnered more press, and developed more original solutions than any other agency.

This was a necessity to garner even half of the business of agencies led by white entrepreneurs.

This was my reality and I faced it head-on.

How do you feel community building is a part of your business?

Community was the backbone of my agency. We had 40,000 buzzSpotters worldwide who consulted with our clients, filled out surveys, and participated in campaigns.

This network was the heart of the agency. My team was also my community. I learned so much from them — especially my interns! Running a business based on millennial culture meant that our interns were our most important assets. They taught us so much.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Breathe. I was moving so fast and building so fast that I never took a break or a moment to enjoy what I was building.

What can we expect from the future of Mab & Stoke?

We want to transform wellness. We want to bring technology to wellness, and above all, democratize it. Everyone deserves access to the best tools available to stay well.

Rapid Fire:

What are your favorite accounts to follow on social media?

@everystylishgirl @goop @kahlanabarfield.

To what one characteristic of yours do you attribute your success?


Tell us a book you'd recommend.

"Such A Fun Age."

What charities do you support?

Sisterhood, Inc and All Star Code.

What is the item in your closet you wear the most?

Right now, Misha Nonoo's white linen shirt.

What is the one self-care product you can't live without?

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops.

What is on your nightstand?

Roman chamomile drops. I apply to my temples to help me sleep!

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