Guess what, "Captain Marvel" wasn't awful just because Brie Larson has some "bad" political views and feels the need to share them with the world. If you enjoy Marvel movies, I would still recommend you see "Captain Marvel." It is all around a good Marvel film.

Now, to be fair, I'm not a film critic. I'm just your average Marvel fan, so don't hate me if I'm not 100% correct. I'm going to try and avoid spoilers as well for those who haven't seen it!

So, going into "Captain Marvel" I was apprehensive, the trailers sucked and I wasn't liking the clips of Brie that were floating around. Whenever I hear celebrities saying things about the dreaded "white man" that must be oppressing all women and POC, I mentally turn into a bitter old woman shaking a stick at them and yelling. However, I was able to put my politics aside and go into the movie with a fairly open mind. I was worried, but not set on hating it.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

The action was fun, Brie was charming in the role of Carol Danvers, and she had great chemistry with all her co-stars. I thought it was a pretty good introduction movie for Captain Marvel and set up for "End Game."

I was scared that Marvel was gonna bash the Strong Woman(TM) theme over my head, but I thought it was well done and she seemed to have to her personality than just a powerful woman. She was witty without being a copy of Iron Man or Dr. Strange. And I'll admit her powers are awesome when we see them in full effect.

It wasn't perfect though. The CGI was a little bad in spots, specifically when we see Brie in space at the end, and Goose, the "cat," in some scenes. However, Samual L. Jackson's de-aging was amazing.

Overall, a decent Marvel movie. Not perfect, but enjoyable. And please, if you decide to see it, don't bash it if you don't like Brie. Just watch the movie and judge it based on that, otherwise, you are doing a disservice to everyone else who worked hard on the film and put their all into it.

6/10 It's enjoyable.